Formed Plastic Letters Excellent for Exterior Signs in Fort Worth

Formed Plastic Letters Excellent for Exterior Signs in Fort Worth

Formed Plastic Exterior Letter Building Signs Fort WorthThe signage makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs frequently get questions about plastic letter exterior signs. Fort Worth members of the business community know that plastic is cost-effective, durable and very attractive. There are some questions that crop up frequently. To make sure that all of our customers are familiar with this visual branding solution, we are posting a Q&A that explains a little more about theaw exterior markers.

Q: How are formed plastic letters made?

A: Cellulose acetate butyrate (C.A.B.) is the raw material for the letters. It is melted and put into shapes to create the look you want. C.A.B. is a known thermoplastic, which simply means that its structural integrity is not compromised by high-heat melting. This, in turn, results in the material’s famous durability.

Q: What do these products look like?

A: The better question would be: What would you like them to look like? So far, formed plastic letters are available in more than 100 font styles. Sizes range from two inches in height to 48 inches. The product comes with the option of choosing one of 40 paint colors. It is also possible to choose from one of nine translucent colors to achieve the look you are going for. The finish may be matte or glossy. The fronts of the letters can be formed to be flat, have a rounded appearance or present with a prismatic display.

Plastic letter exterior building signs Fort WorthQ: Is it possible to customize the letters’ looks?

A: Yes, it is. If none of the 40 colors work for you, our friendly professionals use specialized paint that is formulated for use on C.A.B. We can paint them to meet your specifications. If you desire a metallic look, simply opt for this type of paint or order the addition of gold leaf, which may take a bit of work but is well worth it!

Q: Who can afford this product?

A: Anyone with a signage budget is likely able to afford formed plastic letters. One of the most inexpensive signage solutions, these letters are perfect for the entrepreneur who is just starting out or the long-established retailer who is watching the bottom line to invest more money in other marketing products.

Dimensional letter exterior building signs Fort WorthQ: Are these letters really that durable?

A: Indeed, they are. The formed plastic letter exterior building signs Fort Worth members of the business community are choosing withstand impacts. Even if your last marker fell victim to damage by frequent bird landings, these letters will stand up to the repeated impacts without problem. Being also fade-resistant, this is the kind of sign that is around for a long time.

Are you inspired to take a closer look at these amazing letters? Versatile, attractive and inexpensive, they can be the type of marker that you have been looking for. When channel letters or a lightbox cabinet simply do not appeal to you, these dimensional letters can be the building marker that makes a different on the façade and brings out the best of the look and atmosphere. Call us today for more information and to get started on your order.