The Many Types of Exterior Building Signs for Fort Worth

The Many Types of Exterior Building Signs for Fort Worth

Do you know which exterior building signs Fort Worth members of the business community should really consider getting? Do you know what makes them stand out and command the attention of consumers? We asked our professional exterior building signage makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs, and here are their answers.

Monument Signs

Types of exterior signs Fort Worth

These markers are frequently placed near the entrance of your parking lot. They are immensely important if your business is recessed from the street. For example, medical offices or office parks with a long driveway or secondary rows of commercial buildings hidden behind a front row of similarly-sized buildings are prime candidates for this type of signage. It tells motorists where to find you and to enter the parking lot that is near to the sign. Do not lose out on customer visits simply because your location is not easily seen from the street.

Standalone Cabinet Marker

Cabinet signs Fort Worth

Attach it to a pole or incorporate it into a monument sign setup. This cabinet is made of durable aluminum and usually equipped with lights. We manufacture a plastic or polycarbonate facing that we can either imprint directly or treat with imprinted vinyl. The result is a marker that can display as little as your company’s name and logo, or as much as the name, logo, motto and any business affiliations. This is usually a great option for the business that is located near freeways.

Building Signage

Dimensional Letter Building Signs

Dimensional letters attach to your façade or an overhang. They can look very serious or can have a fun appearance. It is all up to the material and colors that you choose. These signs are frequently used on office buildings where a wide variety of businesses have set up their headquarters. Always professional and a cut above the rest, dimensional letters are also a great selection for the building that has its own name.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs Fort Worth

Channel letters attach to the façade of your business location. Choose from lit or unlit versions. When you look around the local strip mall, you will notice that this is usually the favored marker for those doing business there. Standing out is done with the typeface selection, the color selection and the lighting setup. We have noticed that upscale and unique venues like the look of a diffused halo setup. This allows the light to break free from behind the sign. Front lit letters are more utilitarian and appeal to the majority of companies as well as large national businesses like supermarkets.

Occasionally, you could make a case for the combination of different types of markers. For example, channel letters highlight the name of the business while a shaped lightbox cabinet takes on the form of your logo. If all of these options feel overwhelming, do not worry! We gladly talk to you about your signage needs, visit your location for a site survey and then offer you a wealth of fact-based recommendations that help you to stand out tastefully from your nearest competition. The sooner you make the call, the sooner we can process your order.