Exterior Building Signs Shine for HOUK AC in Arlington TX

Exterior Building Signs Shine for HOUK AC in Arlington TX

The HOUK name has been trusted for more than 50 years. HOUK Air Conditioning provides customers with top-of-the-line equipment from reputable manufacturers. More than just an installation network, the various HOUK offices also offer maintenance services for residential and commercial venues. Financing is possible, and there are always discount offers in the works. When it came time to add a building sign to the company’s Arlington location, the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs got the call.

Exterior Building Signs for Arlington, TX

Exterior Signs for Contractors in Arlington TX

The building’s paint is ochre with light brown accents. We added dimensional letters that display the blue of the company’s name and the white of the niche explanation. The famous logo is part of the letter “O” and displays the red of the flames. The company’s management team elected to stick with thin lettering, which does not create any shadow play on the façade. Since the office is open to customers during business hours, there is no need for illumination. (Of course, there is always someone available for emergency repair service calls.)

Exterior Signage Options

Dimensional letters are ideal for all types of wall surfaces. They are lightweight and come in acrylic, PVC, foam or aluminum. Completely paintable, it is easy to display your company’s colors with this budget-friendly signage option. For graduated color displays, we recommend the use of vinyl overlays that we digitally imprint with the color scheme.

Exterior Building Signs for Contractors in Arlington TX

Another option is the use of channel lettering. Whether lit or unlit, this product stands out from your façade. We mount the product directly to the wall or rely on a raceway to install it away from the surface. The latter is of particular importance if you commission the backlit option that calls for the light to escape through the rear of the letters.

The box cabinet is another signage solution that many manufacturing firms, contractors and automotive businesses favor. Available in geometric shapes or in the shape of your logo, this kind of sign displays your name, symbol and any other information that you would like to see displayed on your building. For example, some of our business clients like to highlight professional affiliations and memberships.

Enhancing a Facade’s Marketing Message with Electronic Message Boards

Exterior Building Signs Arlington TX

One of the latest signage enhancements that now take Arlington business facades by storm is the electronic message board. It looks a lot like a lightbox cabinet with the company’s name and logo clearly on display. Right underneath, you have room for a message you can change as needed. Some companies offer specials, encourage community involvement in fundraisers or advertise closeouts. This is an excellent method for actively participating in seasonal sales and similar retail or service marketing opportunities.

Ordering Your Signs

When you need channel or dimensional letter building signs in Arlington, TX, contact our graphic artists. We then schedule a client consultation. At that time, we work with you to create a signage look that brands your venue and generates name recognition. If you already have artwork on hand, we incorporate it into the design and discuss material options. We handle the permitting process as well as the professional installation. Call us today to get started.