Fortune 500 Companies Brand Signage for Industry

Fortune 500 Companies Brand Signage for Industry

Solutions for Fortune 500 Companies

The Fortune 500 generates two-thirds of US Gross Domestic Product, with $14 Trillion in revenue and 13 Million employees worldwide.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro is home to the nation’s third highest concentration of these best-in-class industry leaders, including American Airlines, AT&T, Exxon, Southwest and 18 of their peers.

With an average roster of 60,000 employees, each Fortune 500 company has many different types of facilities, each with uniquely different requirements for signage. Here are the most important types:

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Freestanding Signs

  • Monument Signs – A headquarters campus very often requires a monument sign which, along with the company logo and name, makes a strong visual statement that aligns with corporate themes and branding. In some cases, the design of a very unique monument sign may also need to reflect local ordinances for height and structure.
  • Electronic Message Centers – Sometimes combined with a monument or other identity sign, EMCs may display time and temperature, or changing messages as programmed by the company.
  • Directional Signs – Large companies have a special need for signs which identify departments on a multi-building campus. They may direct visitors to the front office, mark an employee entrance, or route vendors to a delivery dock or a visitor parking lot.

Building Mounted Signs

  • Wall or Fascia Signs – Large signs which identify the company by name are often attached to the exterior walls or fascia of a building. For a Fortune 500 company, they may represent statements of status which become part of a city skyline.
  • Structural Signs – The structure of a building may provide natural opportunities to mount identity signage which complements the existing design. These include Parapet or Roof signs which take advantage of building height to be seen from great distance, and Awning or Canopy signs which can display a long message in tall letters to the flow of street traffic.

Interior Signs

  • Wayfinding and Directory Signs – A Fortune 500 company requires large facilities and may have thousands of employees. For example, American Airlines has 30,000 local workers in North Texas. The larger a facility, the more its occupants need Wayfinding signs, which show the way to various buildings or departments – and must do the job with a dash of corporate branding.
  • Regulatory Signs – Large companies are also subject to the most regulation. A corporate campus with delivery, parking and transit areas may require stop, warning and one-way signs. Once inside the building, other regulatory signs may direct visitors to a tornado shelter, or caution production workers about hazardous materials or processes.

Digital Signs

  • Lobby Signs – Fortune 500 companies are the most likely to take advantage of visitor spaces to reinforce messaging. Digital signs and Video Wall displays are ideal for showcasing products, promoting successes or delivering any brief, compelling message while a visitor waits for their appointment. Our lobby signs can be custom-made to align perfectly with your brand and interior specifications.
  • Point-of-Purchase Signs – Whether a company offers products (Exxon), services (Southwest) or both (AT&T), point-of-purchase displays are essential tools for both brand messaging and up-close selling. They may announce new products, highlight competitive features, offer special pricing or otherwise present the visitor with a timely call to action.

Work With the Best

The world’s best companies choose working partners with a reputation for service, quality and value. Cowtown Graphics & Signs has a strong track record of delivering the right solution for each client. For a free estimate, please visit us online at or call 817-446-6000.

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