Exterior Sandblasted Signs a Great Choice for Arlington TX

Exterior Sandblasted Signs a Great Choice for Arlington TX

Exterior Sandblasted Signs Arlington TXArlington is home to Six Flags Over Texas, Texas Health Resources and the Texas Rangers. These are major employers in the area. At the same time, these companies are instrumental at balancing the historic aspects of the city with its overwhelmingly modern architecture. One way of achieving this balancing act is with the help of exterior signs. Arlington, TX, members of the business community have discovered that the manufacturing technique called sandblasting creates excellent signage products that contain just enough whimsical elements to represent the best of both worlds.

What Sets Apart Sandblasted Signs from Other Products?

For starters, there is no aluminum body and no polycarbonate facing, which you would expect from a channel letter or lightbox cabinet sign. Instead, the experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs start with a piece of high-density urethane (HDU). Purists who like to go the natural route ask us to use wood. The finished display features a three-dimensional look that is attractive and visually striking.

Appreciating the Process

Sandlbasted Signs Arlington TXHow do we get there? With the raw material chosen, we cut the slab into the size and shape that you prefer. This is the time to discuss the wording that you want to see, the font that you prefer and the graphics that are going to make your sign stand out. Most clients like the idea of the company’s name and logo being displayed while others ask us to add a brief niche explanation, a phone number and a website address.

With these decisions made, we mask off the areas of the lettering and graphics. Then, we expose the rest of the slab to high-speed sand blasts. We smooth out the background, add the colors that you requested and then seal the slab and colors with an application of clear coat. Of course, this is just the basic process that takes a blank slab of material and turns it into an artistic sign. Our artists are frequently called on to add unusual and interesting accents that turn the markers into unique works of art.

How Local Businesses Take Advantage of This Signage Product

Exterior Signs Arlington TXSince standing out from the competition is a crucial element of a successful business presence, relying on unique signage is an excellent step. The exterior sandblasted signs Arlington, TX, business owners commission feature plenty of the style elements that shoppers might recognize from the companies’ websites. At the same time, the signage product brings an elegant and small-town feel to the shop or company, which is inviting. Even when used by a large corporation, the signage embraces a quirky attitude that appeals to the consumer.

Getting Your Signage

Talk to our signage professionals today for more information on exterior sandblasted signs. We work with you to switch from your existing look to one that expertly brands and markets your business. In addition, our pros handle the permitting process as well as the installation. Whether you intend to hang the sign as a shingle, incorporate it into a monument marker or attach it to your building’s façade, we ensure a great look of the finished product.