Why Choose an Exterior Sandblasted Sign in Fort Worth?

Why Choose an Exterior Sandblasted Sign in Fort Worth?

Exterior sandblasted signs Fort WorthHave you been considering the installation of sandblasted signs? Fort Worth business owners are discovering this signage solution that does well as an address marker, a storefront sign or a whimsical display of a niche-specific company marker. Some are not sure what to expect when commissioning this type of sign. After all, it is a bit of a novelty and not as common as a channel letter or lightbox cabinet exterior marker.

What Are sandblasted Signs?

At the hard of this technology is a high density urethane (HDU) material. For those who like the idea of using all natural products, wood is indeed another option. Slabs of these raw materials are then cut to suit the shape that you are looking for. Once you have decided on style elements and a message, the sign foam (or wood) is masked off where the graphics and lettering go. The rest of the material is then exposed to high-speed blasts of sand. The sand eats away at the exposed material until only your desired message and graphics remain in a three-dimensional display.

Who Chooses These Signs?

Sandblasted Signs Fort WorthBusiness owners or operators that have storefronts in brick facade buildings or carefully manicured shopping neighborhoods prefer the natural look and colorful displays of sandblasted markers to the more artificial appearance of standard signage. Bed and breakfast owners, boat rental operators, fish and tackle stores and retailers as well as service providers who have set up their storefronts in historic parts of town are among our extensive list of clients who have commissioned sandblasted signage solutions. Others who frequently request this signage solution are the businesses that only identify themselves with initials or a name and logo. Examples here include real estate developers, high-tech companies and software firms.

What Is the Charm of sandblasted Signs?

They look different. Because there are so many style element choices, coloring options and substrate design opportunities, you will be hard pressed to find multiple signs that look exactly alike. Exceptions to this rule are property management commissioned address signs that ensure a uniform look for an office building’s suite numbers. Aside from this usage, these markers are as individualized as your business’ makeup and branding message. As a result, you have the opportunity to incorporate your branding message into these markers with colors as well as style elements.

How Do I Get Started On My Order?

What are sandblasted signsTalk to our friendly professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We gladly visit your location for a site evaluation, to take in your branding message and also to get a good feel for the neighborhood vibe as well as the look of competitors’ signs. Since sandblasted markers can be attached directly to the façade or hung as a shingle from a decorative metal arm, they bring quite a bit of versatility to the table. This is also the time to discuss the use of colors, whether you favor a natural wood grain look for the backdrop (if using wood) or a pebbled or leatherette backdrop (if using HDU). In addition, we look over any artwork that you already have and want us to incorporate in this sign.