Custom Lobby Signs for Medical Professionals In Fort Worth

Custom Lobby Signs for Medical Professionals In Fort Worth

Lobby signs for medical professionals Fort WorthHow do you choose the right reception area marker to greet patients? Lobby signs for medical professionals in Fort Worth have to bespeak the service provider’s competence. But what works great for an oncology clinic does not suit a pediatric doctor. At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we routinely work with clinics, hospitals and private practices to create the right look for the venue.


Colorful and quirky are two attributes that should describe your lobby sign. Since your patients are younger, cater to their tastes. A quirky font, acrylic or foam letters are excellent choices. Foam is probably your best choice since we can add varying depths to the letters, which creates an interesting look that is fun to look at.

Birth Centers

A calm atmosphere is the hallmark of a birthing center. Usually, the color choices of walls and fabrics are pastels. Continue this look with a marker that is made of acrylic or PVC letters in complementing hues. A matte finish is a good choice. For a marker that stands out more, consider brushed aluminum. Pair it with frosted window graphics and decals for a continuous look.


Hospital Lobby signs Fort WorthProfessionalism and competency are at the forefront of the impression that you want to make. A three-dimensional sign using foam substrate and metal laminate is a good choice for the lobby. In the alternative, consider the use of acrylic lettering attached to a layered acrylic board.

High-Tech Medical Specialty Offices

Whether you do mammograms, MRIs, x-rays or other procedures that call for the use of high-tech equipment, your lobby sign must portray you as a thought leader in your niche. You want patients to trust that you have the latest technology that is currently available on the market. At the same time, the marker should be warm and welcoming. We recommend brushed or satin-finished brass, copper or aluminum. Metal laminate on acrylic bases or foam allows you to create a more dramatic 3D presentation.

Non-Invasive Procedure Professionals

Doctor's office lobby signsChiropractors, dieticians, optometrists and audiologists have discovered the power of wall murals. Some of the murals take up the entire focal wall of the foyer and incorporate the lobby sign. Others are the approximate size of a lobby marker and include some practice-specific decorations as well as the name of the practice. This is an excellent choice when you want your signage to blend in with your décor. For a look that stands out a bit more, consider the combination of layered acrylic boards and shiny acrylic lettering.

While these are just some general ideas for Fort Worth’s medical professionals, we can give you far more detailed suggestions by stopping by your office and taking in the atmosphere and the branding efforts that you are currently employing.

One size does not fit all, and what works for one practice does not necessarily suit another. Talk to our experienced lobby marker professionals today to set up an appointment for a site evaluation and to see some sketches of what could be your next customized sign!