What Materials Can I Use for Lobby Signs in Fort Worth?

What Materials Can I Use for Lobby Signs in Fort Worth?

Lobby signs Fort WorthHow important is the right type of reception area sign to my company’s overall reputation and profitability? What materials can I use for my lobby signs in Fort Worth? Does it matter if my lobby markers match? Your questions – answered!

Q: Do my lobby signs have to be consistent?

A: Your lobby signage usually consists of a display of your company’s name and then other markers that help with wayfinding. Although this latter category of signs if often forgotten when discussing reception area signs, they are nevertheless quite vital to the overall comfort level of your customers. Cornell University highlights that these signs are actually so important that the educational facility has dedicated an entire module to the proper selection of sign legibility, placement and uniformity.

Q: What are my material choices?

A: Lobby signs for Fort Worth businesses can me made from aluminum, acrylics, brass, glass and vinyl. The overall atmosphere that you are hoping to create has a great influence on the types of materials that you might choose. For example, glass and acrylics are great for the artistic and whimsical signage needs of businesses that are involved in the arts or in electronics. Brass and aluminum are useful for service providers who want to highlight the longevity of their companies. Vinyl is an all-around versatile material that is budget-friendly and superior in its adaptability.

Q: Is it possible to mix the different materials?

Best lobby signs in Fort WorthA: Our knowledgeable lobby signs experts encourage the combination of materials. We understand that there is an endless variety of aesthetically pleasing looks and avant-garde appearances that can be created with little more than the skillful combination of glass and vinyl, brass and acrylics, and so forth. When you discuss your vision for the perfect reception area signage setup, we can offer you some suggestions with respect to material combinations and fabrication techniques.

Q: Do you have a favorite material combination?

A: This question is difficult to answer. A sign that is right for one business would be somewhat out of place for another. You see, it is the overall setting of your reception area and the vibe of your business that work together in creating the perfect signage setup. Therefore, we do not really have a favorite combination of materials.

Q:  I want my sign to “pop.” What do you suggest?

Types of materials for Fort Worth Lobby SignsA: We like to create three-dimensional signs for best effects. Dimensionally cut 3D letters as well as the play of light and shadow techniques help us to create this type of marker.

Q: What types of materials are other companies using for their lobby signs?

A: We have found that three-dimensional letters are among our most popular requests. Polished steel, brushed aluminum and painted acrylics are among the materials that we are frequently asked to use. We can combine them with clear acrylic bases and then use set-offs during mounting to heighten the dramatic effects of the 3D appearance.

Q: I want my sign to last for a good long time. Which material is the most durable?

A: All of the materials that we previously mentioned tend to offer a good lifespan in the course of regular usage. Of course, durability does increase with material thickness. A letter with a half-inch thickness is more durable than one of the same material that is only one eighth of an inch thick. Steel is among the most durable materials currently on the market. It is closely followed by aluminum and acrylic.