How Can I Get the 3D Effect in My Lobby Signs?

How Can I Get the 3D Effect in My Lobby Signs?

3D Lobby Signs Fort WorthMany of our customers have heard of 3D lobby signs for Fort Worth businesses. They like the look of these markers and wonder what it takes to have one installed in their offices. It is actually quite simple!

What Sets Apart Three-dimensional Signs from Other Customized Lobby Markers?

When size and depth matter, the 3D effect cannot be topped. Dimensional letters are designed to have an appreciable depth that is further highlighted by proper lighting. The result is a focal wall that holds a breathtakingly beautiful marker, which also creates – or at least heavily underscores – the ambiance of the office. There is no need for additional artwork to set the mood on this particular wall. You might say that the 3D effect is its own artistic creation.

How Do We Create This Effect?

3D dimensional letter lobby signs Fort WorthIt is a matter of material choice. If you pick out flat acrylic as your marker material, the resulting three-dimensional effect with be negligible. However, if you choose acrylic laminate that is then mounted to interior foam, you suddenly have a lobby sign that still makes use of your favorite material but adds up to two inches in depth. Of course, the two-inch figure is just one option.

Choose a broad range of depths and looks by relying on painted acrylic, brushed aluminum and polished steel laminates. We can further enhance this look by mounting your reception are sign to a clear acrylic block, which is then offset mounted to the wall. This creates a dramatic effect that combines a floating look with a 3D effect.

How Can I Get the 3D Effect in My Lobby Signs Right Now?

Talk to the expert 3D signage specialists at Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We start by coming out to your office for a site evaluation. At that time, we take some measurements and also get a good feel for the overall atmosphere you are trying to create in your space. We take into account the wall and furniture colors as well as also your material choices. If you are in 3D effect for lobby signs in Fort Worththe process of decorating with the help of a professional, we will probably work together with this expert to ensure that the sign harmonizes with the look and feel of the space.

Next, we discuss sizing options. After all, a small lobby will not usually benefit from a two-inch-deep marker that is then offset-mounted with ½-inch aluminum hardware. Rather, we may opt for less depth and more illumination. Edge lighting as well as cleverly hidden spotlights in flower pots and behind office furniture can greatly enhance the 3D effect even without the use of thick foam as the substrate.

Another determining factor is your chosen focal wall. Most entrepreneurs choose the wall behind the receptionist’s desk, but this does not work in all situations. While choosing a side wall can be a great decision, remember that it should be a location that waiting consumers see. So, if you plan on placing your lobby chairs against this wall, it is most likely not the right choice. We can give you more options during our site evaluation.