5 Types of Foam Letters to Consider for Your Lobby Sign

5 Types of Foam Letters to Consider for Your Lobby Sign

Mica Foam Metal Laminate Lobby Sign LettersFoam is the type of material that is supremely versatile, appropriate for virtually all settings, cost-effective and durable. It makes a splash in any foyer where it can be adapted to contribute to an atmosphere or style. Quite frequently, our customers are amazed what all we can do with the material to create the perfect branding tool for their reception areas. Are you curious about these foam letter lobby signs? Fort Worth business community members usually welcome one of five very special types of foam letters to the setup of their reception areas.

1. Mica-Laminated Gatorfoam

Called mica for short, this look consists of a thick foam substrate and a thinner plastic laminate that decorates it. There are almost endless color choices available to you. To offset the color of the laminate, some of our clients leave the sides of the foam unpainted. The white or black surface looks great, particularly when contrasting against darker or lighter laminate colors respectively.

2. Dynofoam

Foam letter lobby signsWhen only the dimensional look will do, Dynofoam delivers. Manufactured from super-density urethane, this foam is safe for exterior as well as interior uses. We can paint this product in any color that you choose. It is far less expensive than metal and works great in transitional settings such as courtyards where you might place an information kiosk.

3. Gatorfoam

Gatorfoam is the workhorse of the signage industry. It serves as a substrate for a wide range of laminates, creates the most dramatic three-dimensional images and is useful for lobby markers, office lettering and also the construction of logo designs. Make your lobby area pop with this material and its dramatic display options.

4. Gemini

Gemini-metal laminated foam letters – we call them Gemini for short – are a favorite of accountants, lawyers, doctors and financial services providers. Metal, as you know, exudes an air of authority, strength and trustworthiness. This is due, in part, to the durable nature of the HDU Foam Letter Lobby Signsmaterial. Choose from ½-inch to 2-inch thick Gemini letters. Depending on the dramatic impact that you want, the varying depths greatly accommodate all needs.

5. High-Density Foam

If you have been thinking of adding a concrete monument sign to your exterior, high-density foam acts as a recessed graphics medium. For the lobby marker that is designed for an indoor/outdoor setting or for a location where there is occasionally high humidity, this material will last for a long time to come. Its high density also makes it possible to create highly intricate shapes that accurately render your logo or other graphics.

There are a lot of additional foam letter choices to consider. If this selection is a bit overwhelming, do not fret! The friendly folks at Cowtown Graphics & Signs can help you choose the perfect material selection for your unique office setting. We help you to determine the advantage of a three-dimensional signage display, assist you with the creation of an image and also advise you on just the right sizing. Moreover, we can show you how some foam products work well with other customized office markers to create a professional and harmonious look inside your foyer and its surrounding offices.