Consider Plastic Letters for Your Exterior Signs in Fort Worth

Consider Plastic Letters for Your Exterior Signs in Fort Worth

Plastic Letter Exterior Signs for Fort WorthMore and more of our clients are looking for new ways to display their company names on building facades. The most common selections are channel letter or lightbox cabinet signs. The more adventurous business owners are now looking to routed signage products to make a splash. But there is still one more choice open to you: plastic letter exterior signs For Fort Worth storefronts and office buildings, the professional signage makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs are getting plenty of requests for plastic dimensional lettering. What makes this material stand out?

Formidable Customization Options

Do you like your letters to be half an inch thick? No problem! Do you prefer a thickness of an inch? Again, no problem. Do you want to truly stand out from the crowd? Your plastic letters can be up to 48 inches tall, which offers you the opportunity to make a huge visual impact on your façade. There are 40 standard color choices, which make it convenient to combine your existing color scheme with a chic new sign. When you prefer a custom hue – or plan to go for the gusto with one of nine translucent colors – the options are there.

Great Looks from the Inside Out

Plastic letters for exterior building signs in Fort WorthDid you know that these letters are suitable for interior as well as exterior applications? When you wow your customers or clients with your façade’s signage, imagine the effect the markers will have when they are repeated on a smaller scale on the inside of the venue as well. This is where the detail work – flat, rounded or prismatic faces as well as glossy or matte finishes – really shines.

Top 3 Reasons for Giving Plastic a Closer Look

  1. Budget-friendly. Plastic lettering does not break the bank. Whereas others signage products may call for you to dig deeper into your pocket, formed or die-cut plastic is inexpensive to manufacture – savings that we pass on to you.
  2. Strong. Plastic letters are manufactured for maximum strength. The colors resist fading even when placed in direct sun exposure. In addition, they are superbly impact-resistant. This is a decided advantage when your business is located in an area where the occasional bird or branch comes in contact with signage products.
  3. 3 Ways to use plastic letters for exterior building signsVersatility. With so many colors, looks and fonts, the versatility of the product is practically unsurpassed. Add to this the variety of mounting methods, and it is clear that plastic is here to stay for a wide variety of facades.

When you are ready to further investigate plastic letter building signs for Fort Worth and its surrounding areas, contact our experts. We work with you on creating the look that uniquely identifies your company, generates name recognition and also assists with brand awareness. In addition, the crisp look of the letters makes wayfinding a snap – even for those consumers who are still quite a distance away.

Our professionals begin with a site evaluation, which allows us to learn more about the façade and also to consider the height requirements. Next, we discuss color and font selections, mounting options and the overall look of the letters. After handling the permitting process, we manufacture and install the plastic lettering.