How Are Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Installed?

How Are Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Installed?

How are illuminated channel letter signs installed in Fort WorthAt Cowtown Graphics & Signs, our customers are well-informed with respect to the processes involved in the selection of signage components and colors. We also know that you are familiar with the importance of the site evaluation we do during our initial consultation. But some of our customers have expressed the desire to learn more about the actual installation process.

So, How Are Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Installed?

Since we agree that this is a highly intricate process that usually takes place behind the scenes without a lot of consumer involvement, we appreciate the opportunity to share the installation facts of illuminated channel letter signs Fort Worth members of the business community commission.

Code Checks

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs Fort WorthHow are these exterior signs installed in Fort Worth? According to state and local codes! While the electrical code is pretty much standard, states and cities have additional rules with respect to the installation of signage with LEDs and other illumination components. We ensure that our installation plans are in keeping with all required codes.

Wall Preparation

Our site evaluation ensures that the installation site is previously selected. There will be no surprises such as windows or air-conditioning units that are in the way. During this evaluation, we will have also outlined the height of the installation so that we know exactly where to drill. That said, it is only by drilling that we find out what the thickness of the wall is and whether there are any façade issues that are impossible to detect during the visual inspection.

For this reason, we usually bring along the mounting hardware that we have decided upon after the inspection of the façade. But we also bring some backup materials just in case that a secondary support is required. The goal here is to safely install the signage so that it is not only visually attractive and up to code, but also in keeping with the site’s particular requirements that may not be as readily discernible.

Install Options

Exterior channe letter signs Fort WorthA flush mount is a great way of installing letters that organically combine with the building. This is ideal when the façade is made from stucco or another similar material. But when you are talking about decorative rocks and other slightly uneven decorative touches, a raceway can be a lot more precise and attractive. Before we even drill one hole, we measure (twice) and set up a template on the wall. This ensures that each letter is perfectly positioned from the start.

Did We Mention Equipment?

So far, we have discussed mounting options, façade materials and drilling. But did you know that the “how” of the installation depends in large part on the hardware that you have at the site? Our professional installers have access to a crane truck, cherry picker and other vehicles that allow them to get as high up on the façade as is necessary for an effective installation. When you include this equipment into the mix, you have to think through things like access and flower beds. (We do this during the site evaluation.)

There you have it. The nuts and bolts of an illuminated channel letter installation may not sound all that exciting, but they have a tremendous bearing on the look of the finished product. And, they these signs become the face and brand of your business!