Illuminated Signs & Channel Letter Signs

When you want your exterior signage to stand out around the clock, illuminated signs are the perfect solution for your North Texas business. During the daylight, these signs feature bold colors that look great and draw the eye. After dark, the addition of illumination makes the colors pop, and the signs stand out against the darkened façade of your building. These signs drive brand awareness and name recognition by combining the style elements of your typeface and your logo. We employ our Listen-Think-Solve Methodology to every signage project we do!

Dixon - Channel Letter Signs Dallas-Fort Worth​

Channel Letter Signs Fort Worth

Channel letters are among the most popular choices for illuminated building signs. These signs are entirely custom-made with metal and acrylic and offer different lighting styles for impact and visibility. Whether you are looking for a bold signage appearance or a more subtle look – channel letters are a great solution. These are durable and long-lasting signs that come in a rainbow of colors and suit any façade type.

Lightbox Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs, also known as lightbox signs, are internally illuminated with your choice of fluorescent bulbs or LED modules. Our custom-made cabinets are fabricated with extruded aluminum, polycarbonate faces, and vinyl graphics. These exceptionally durable signs can be mounted to your building façade or used as a freestanding monument or pole sign to provide excellent visibility day or night. Cabinet signs are cost-effective and a great alternative to channel letters when working with small text and graphics.
Detailing Garage - Lightbox Cabinet Signs​ Dallas-Fort Worth
Novak - Blade Signs​ Dallas-Fort Worth

Blade Signs

Blade signs, also referred to as hanging signs, are a type of projecting sign that is affixed to a building façade or pole and face perpendicular to the flow of traffic. These signs can be single or double sided, offer various lighting styles, and come in custom shapes and sizes. Blade signs are an attractive and affordable way to showcase your brand and drastically increase your visibility.

Combination Signs

Are you looking for a unique sign to attract customers to your business? Using a combination of illumination styles and fabrication methods to create a memorable sign is a great way to attract customers. For example, we can integrate reverse lit channel letters with internally lit push-through letters on a fabricated metal cabinet to produce a stunning and impactful sign. Another option could be combining backlit and front-lit channel letters to make the most of the light and shadow display. The possibilities are truly endless.
mLab - Combination Signs​ Dallas-Fort Worth

Digital EMC Signage

Digital EMC (electronic message center) signs are very bright and inevitably draw the attention of motorists and passersby. Not only are they highly visible in all weather conditions, but they also allow for changing images and wording at your convenience. For the business that frequently offers new specials and seasonal merchandise, this is a must-have. Sure, you could opt for an older sign that requires you to send an employee outside to change the wording manually, but why would you? When you can control the message with our dedicated software, you can change it instantly with the press of a button.

Getting the Right Illuminated Sign for Your Business is Easy

The experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs know that installing the right sign on your building façade can make a massive difference in your customers’ ability to find you and being overlooked. We proudly serve the business communities of Fort Worth, Arlington, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Mansfield, and the surrounding areas. If you want to ensure that your customers can find you, call us today for a site evaluation. We will get you on the road to being noticed quickly!

Signage Adherence

We also want our clients to know that we are versed in exterior sign regulations, permitting, and working with local or county governments. Our experience in these areas makes your exterior sign installation run smoothly.