3 Benefits of Halo-Lit Channel Letters for the DFW Metropolitan Area

3 Benefits of Halo-Lit Channel Letters for the DFW Metropolitan Area

Channel letters are by far the most visible business markers after dark. But there is something special about halo lit channel letters in the DFW Metropolitan Area. For starters, they offer you illumination options that savvy business owners can utilize to heighten brand awareness. In fact, there are three benefits that this technology offers, which you simply cannot get from any other building sign. Do you know what they are?

1. The Halo Appearance Boosts the Sign’s 3D Effect

Halo-Lit  Channel Letters in the DFW Metropolitan Area

The majority of business owners who commission channel letters do so because they jut out from the building’s façade. A three-dimensional sign is always easier to see and much more noticeable than one that sits flat on the building’s front wall. But did you know that the halo setup actually boosts the 3D appeal?

  • Installation detail. We mount the letters with two-inch spacers to provide sufficient room for the light to reflect off the substrate. These two inches get added to the depth of the letters, which might run from two inches to five inches.
  • Color contrast. When your corporate palette contrasts well with the tone of the façade, the halo illumination makes it possible to boost this appearance. Even if the difference is not as dramatic as you would like it to be, consider that the use of colored LEDs lets you change the backdrop color sufficiently to make the letters stand out more.
  • Floating illusion. Because of the installation detail, which we discussed earlier, the style elements seem to be floating right above the wall space. Heighten the illusion by selecting bright white LEDs for the illumination. The lettering appears to be leaping off the wall, which is a fantastic 3D boost.

2. Combine Backlit Technology with Front Lit Options for Great Optical Illusions and Special Effects

3 Benefits of Halo-Lit Channel Letters DFW Metropolitan Area

Heighten the illusion of floating letters by combining colored and white LEDs. By alternating the displays, you can make some letters stand out more than others. In the process, you may even succeed in creating the appearance of movement. Some clients ask us to create a panel for installation purposes. In this setup, we mount the letters to the panel and the panel to the wall. Customers request this setup when the colors of the letters and the walls are too similar.

However, when you want to create a wow factor with your lettering, this setup also works well. For example, you might choose to present your lettering and other style elements with colorful LEDs as backlit form elements on the board. This board, in turn, may feature a halo illumination feature that now envelops the entirety of the sign in a different color. When you have a lot of colors as part of your corporate palette, this is the look you cannot do without.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Applications

Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs DFW

When discussing channel letters, we typically talk about the ones on the outside of the building. But more and more companies now also look to this signage solution when ordering lobby signs. Envision the brand boost you would receive if your interior backlit sign matched the exterior halo lit product! The combination of fonts and colors is a powerful mnemonic device that helps a customer to remember your name, line of business, and product information. When you repeat it on the interior, you create the must-have repetition that gets the customer to remember your brand even better.

Ordering Halo-Lit Channel Letters in the DFW Metropolitan Area

Our graphic artists appreciate the opportunity to show you how your business’ name would look when displayed as backlit channel letters. Of course, we can also assist you with front lit, combination lit, or open-faced products. Call us today to schedule a design consultation!