3 Ways Channel Letters Get Your Business Noticed

3 Ways Channel Letters Get Your Business Noticed

Have you been thinking of ordering channel letters? In DFW metropolitan area locations, these are the products of choice for a broad range of businesses. You know that they look great. You also know that you need an excellent building sign to stand out. But what, exactly, does this signage selection do for your company?

1. Channel Letters Shine in Daylight and at Night

Channel Letters in DFW Shine in both day and at night!

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to install a building sign that does not light up. The second error is a failure to turn on the sign during the day. Sure, if you do business in a location where there is plenty of sunlight, doing so sounds like a waste of electricity. But consider that the LEDs inside the individual letters are inexpensive to operate around the clock.

For front lit lettering, in particular, the lighting allows the colorful polycarbonate to stand out even more. After dark, there is little doubt that the color and font combination brands the business and helps its name to stand out among others in the area. By the way, during the dawn and dusk times, as well as on occasions when it rains or is overcast, illuminated channel letters make a great impression in an overall gray setting. This is true for the front and backlit models.

2. Enhance Name Recognition with a Brand Message

Channel Letters DFW Metropolitan Area

Among other goals, you want to generate name recognition. As teachers are fond of saying: repetition is the mother of all learning. When consumers walk or drive past your building, it is the name display that stands out and helps them to recognize your corporate moniker. Could you achieve something similar with a lightbox cabinet? Sure. However, remember that channel letters are typically bigger and mount alone, which makes them stand out that much more.

Another critical design component to consider is the three-dimensional appearance. Since the letters jut out from the building’s surface, they make an impression on passersby. Before long, they recognize your name even if they only see it featured in print or partially displayed somewhere. Once again, the combination of color and font makes a huge difference.

3. Brand the Building Your Company Does Business In

How to brand your business with Channel Letters in DFW

Brand building is the bread and butter of any company. Many business owners make the mistake of decking out the interior with copious branding signage solutions such as a lobby sign, floor stickers, and wall graphics – but they forget the exterior. The outside is a fantastic branding location and a must for reaching those consumers with whom you do not yet have a professional relationship.

These are the prospective clients or customers who need to form brand awareness, product knowledge, and brand recognition. The latter is a snap when you rely on channel letters. Some clients combine channel letter signs with lightbox cabinets to heighten the impact of their messages. Possible information you might display with a cabinet setup includes a 24-hour availability of your services or the name of a product you are famous for. Others decide that they want to dress up the look of channel letters with wall graphics for a colorful presentation that catches the eye and also introduces additional tones from the corporate color palette.

How to Buy Channel Letters in DFW Metropolitan Area Locations

Discuss your thoughts with the business sign experts at Cowtown Graphics and Signs. Our graphic artists can show you how these products would look on your façade. This step makes it easy to decide on the right setup. Our professionals serve the business communities in and around Arlington, Fort Worth, Mansfield, and Burleson, TX.