Making a Decision Between Front-Lit and Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Making a Decision Between Front-Lit and Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

Which channel letter setup is the right choice for your business? When looking at other companies’ building fronts, you see both front-lit and reverse-lit channel letters. DFW metropolitan area business owners recognize the three-fold advantage these products bring to a façade.

Front-Lit Channel Letters in DFW Metropolitan AreaFront-lit channel letters

Reverse-lit channel letters DFW Metropolitan Area

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters

  1. Building name recognition.
  2. Deepening brand awareness.
  3. Providing wayfinding assistance.

But which display choice is right for your company? Should you go with the front-lit or back-lit option?

Reverse-lit Channel Letters Create a Prominent Halo Effect

Reverse-Lit Channel Letters DFW Metropolitan Area

We manufacture these products from aluminum. They are durable and withstand weathering very well. We close off the front with the metal while we place clear acrylic or polycarbonate over the back. Next, our technicians paint the product in your specified color combination. The installation takes place with standoffs that provide the two-inch space between the letter and the wall that we need for the creation of the halo effect.

The majority of clients who commission this signage solution include boutiques, jewelry retailers, and art galleries. Because the halo of illumination bathes the lettering in a nimbus of light, it creates an upscale appearance that quickly underscores a corresponding brand message. Some clients choose to heighten this appearance with multicolored LEDs that bring another brand color to the mix. Doing so can make an excellent impression with the right façade setup.

Front-lit Lettering Impresses with Bold Colors

Front-Lit Channel Letters DFW Metropolitan Area

On the other side of the equation is the front-lit setup. It is the most commonly chosen display style by business owners. When manufacturing the letters, we close off the fronts with acrylic or polycarbonate facings that we paint in your chosen tones. When the light turns on, the illumination emphasizes the color displays. We can install these products by mounting them flush to the wall or hanging them with the help of a raceway setup.

The latter consists of an elongated box that we paint in the façade’s tones. It contains the illumination hardware and makes it possible to mount letters even if there is no behind-the-wall access. In some cases, it is the only way a building management company will allow a business to hang its channel letter setup. All types of businesses make good use of this product. Chain stores, chic eateries, franchises, and service providers understand the importance of being seen.

Which Is Better?

Typically, the client’s façade setup, lease agreement, and personal taste dictate the choice. When there are no restrictions, consider the brand message you want to send. If elegance, sophistication, and style are a part of it, you cannot go wrong with a back-lit design. Conversely, when your colors scheme is an integral component of the brand message, the front-lit approach may work better for you.

I Can’t Decide! Is There a Third Option?

Indeed, there is. The combination of front and back-lit letters offers you the best of both worlds. Design specifications call for colorful polycarbonate fronts and clear backs. We would need access to the back of the façade to facilitate the installation with standoffs. Boosting the illumination with additional LEDs is a good idea. The colorful presentation of the lettering alongside a subtle but still noticeable halo makes a great impression.

Learn More about Front-lit and Reverse-lit Channel Letters in DFW Metropolitan Area Business Districts

Choosing the right illumination setup for your channel letters is more complicated than it looks. But it does not have to be that way. Discuss your plans with our experts for input. We gladly visit your location for a site survey, which makes it possible to present you with options based on measurements, façade setup, and local zoning regulations.

We encourage you to download our free quide to channel letters below!