Yes Your Building Sign Can Be Shaped Like Your Logo!

Yes Your Building Sign Can Be Shaped Like Your Logo!

Register, an expert in website design and setup, has gone on record stating that logo design is a vitally important part of your business’ identity. It provides the consumer with information about your business – via the branding properties of colors and shapes – that will help buyers to remember your name. Your logo and your brand are so intertwined that they soon become synonymous. The logo establishes the brand, and the brand enters into a relationship with the customer.

Enter the Logo Shaped Sign

Logo Shaped Building Signs Fort Worth

Not surprisingly, there are more and more logo shaped exterior building signs in Fort Worth and its surrounding areas. With the vital importance of logo displays becoming more understood by companies, there is a movement to making this depiction an integral portion of the businesses’ exterior representation. At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we frequently talk to clients who are surprised to find out that we can easily create a sign for them that mimics their logo and functions as a building marker all in one.

What we use in these instances are illuminated cabinet signs. In Fort Worth, you see them on the outside of buildings that house retailers, service providers and also governmental agencies. Sometimes, lightbox cabinets are mixed with channel letters to create a sign that features individualized lettering as well as a high-resolution depiction of the company’s logo. For the entrepreneur who wants to see the building sign shaped like the logo, the lightbox cabinet without the lettering is best.


Illuminated building signs Fort Worth

We make these signs by using sturdy aluminum. It is painted to your logo’s specifications. Even if you did not use custom colors when you initially commissioned the design of your logo, we can still recreate the color scheme to display it perfectly on the finished sign. If painting is not feasible, we add a customized print skin to the front of the frame, which is a perfect digital rendition of your logo and company name. The colors are flawless.


You want your sign to act as a beacon in the dark. The major advantage of a lightbox cabinet is the inclusion of the light source. We can automate the lighting process to ensure that the sign is lit between dusk and dawn. This helps with wayfinding, branding, the enhancement of name recognition and it just looks nice.

Suitable for all Types of Businesses

Logo shaped cabinet signs Fort Worth

You do not have to be a retailer to take advantage of a building sign that is shaped like a logo. If you are service provider, medical professional or otherwise engaged in working with – and for – the public, these signs benefit you as well. This is particularly true when you work in an office park setting where close competitors have also set up their businesses.

Avoid accidentally sending patients to a neighboring chiropractor or dermatologist by choosing to have a building sign installed that incorporates your logo. This helps you to set your location apart from others and assists patients with finding your office rather than just looking for a door that is labeled “chiropractor.”

We understand that sometimes the proof is in the sketch. Talk to our friendly lightbox cabinet sign experts to see just how a sign molded to look like your logo could impact the appearance of your business location!