What Are Contour Channel Letter Signs?

What Are Contour Channel Letter Signs?

Contour Channel Letter Signs Fort WorthHave you noticed the soaring popularity of contour channel letter signs in Fort Worth? They are the counterparts to standard channel lettering that displays the name of a company. Instead of featuring letters, these are display custom logo illuminated signs. Fort Worth business owners are increasingly working on branding their companies with the use of these types of logo displays as well as whimsical depictions of niche-specific images. Are these signs for you? Your questions – answered!

Q: What shapes are available?

A: Any shape is easily manufactured. There are perfectly round signs or those that feature a half circle with a seemingly stand along object. Completely customized shapes, too, are available.

Q: I have seen signs like that in bars. Do the light sources always have to show?

A: No! In fact, contour channel letter signs are perfect for bars, pubs and even restaurants’ interiors. That said, the type or marker you saw was open-faced with the light bulbs fully on display. This design used to be all the rage in the 1980s and has hung on since then. Modern contour channel letter signs are different. Although you can still get the open fronts, the majority of signs now are colorful and closed, with the light shining brightly from behind the top covering.

Q: What are these signs made of?

Custom logo shapped channel letter signs Fort WorthA: Common materials include aluminum for the backing and the trim as well as polycarbonate for the sign face.

Q: What are the light sources currently in use?

A: You have the choice of LEDs and neon bulbs. Both are excellent selections for this type of sign. Generally speaking, LEDs tend to be less expensive to operate, which factors in considerably if you operate the sign around the clock and want to have the lights turned on.

Q: Are there mounting restrictions or specifications?

A: It is possible to mount these signs on raceways, cabinets and similar substrates. When you have a location that is prewired for the light, this is where you would hang this marker.

Q: How do these signs help me with branding, marketing and advertising my business?

Custom shapped logo letter signs Fort WorthA: Do you have a quirky mascot? Is there a niche graphic that would perfectly describe your product or service? Is your logo so unique that it not only turns heads but also gets folks asking questions about the company that has chosen it? When you transform these graphics into contour channel letter signage, you grab the attention of consumers.

These markers use bright colors, whimsical shapes and lighting to catch the eye. After dark, their glow acts like a beacon for the consumer in search of a product or service. When on the inside of the venue, they contribute to the atmosphere. Due to the huge versatility offered by varied design options and color choices, these signs can be made suitable for the after hours diner, the 1950s neighborhood pub, the high-tech communications product store, the fun dentist’s office and a wide variety of other business venues.

When you are ready to find out how these markers could make a big difference for your company, contact the experienced signage experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.