Why Choose Front-Lit Channel Letters in DFW?

Why Choose Front-Lit Channel Letters in DFW?

Almost everyone picks front-lit channel letters in DFW. Why? More importantly, should you buck the trend or follow suit? Your channel letter illumination questions – answered!

Understanding the Options

Why buy front-lit channel letters in DFW

You currently have the choice of investing in four types of illuminated channel letters. Your selection determines the placement of translucent acrylic or polycarbonate.

  • Front-lit. The polycarbonate closes the fronts of the letters and heightens the color presentation of your corporate tones when the LEDs come on.
  • Back lit. We place clear acrylic over the backs of the letters and let the light reflect off the wall to bathe the sign in a soft halo.
  • Combination illumination. When you want the best of both worlds, we boost the LEDs and combine clear backs with colorful fronts.
  • Open face. Imitating the look of the old channel letter designs with neon tubes is possible when we close the fronts with clear acrylic. This display has a fantastic retro appearance.

Why are Front-Lit Channel Letters so Popular?

Front-Lit Channel Letters in DFW

For starters, this illumination option is suitable for any installation choice. We can mount the letters directly to the wall, to a raceway, or a panel. You do not have the required two-inch standoff to make the wall reflection possible. Even if you have a very strict lease or zoning rule at your place of business, which regulates installations, you can still enjoy front-lit lettering.

Next, consider the detailed display of your font and corporate palette. Although all illumination options make your font stand out, the use of front-lit lettering boosts the color display significantly. When you select contrast tones for the sides of the letters, you further enhance the appearance of the presentation. Companies that choose deeper lettering options frequently do so because it makes their brand messages so much more pronounced.

How Can I Boost the Brand Message?

Front-Lit Illuminated Channel Letters DFW

By choosing front-lit channel letters, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to ensuring a clear communication of the brand message. That said, there are a few more tweaks that can take your building sign from great to wow.

  • Letter depth. Bigger can be better. Depending on the viewing angle – we previously discussed this topic at length – you might choose three or five-inch returns. We gladly send out an expert to sketch out the most likely viewing angle of your signage, which helps you make the right selection.
  • Letter height. Once again, bigger is better. This time there is no viewing angle to consider. What might curtail your choice, however, are the local zoning rules as well as the lease limitations your management company imposes. Once again, our experts can help you determine the ideal height of the lettering.
  • Paint finishes. Should you select a highly reflect gloss or stick with a matte finish? Both finishes have merit. However, when you have the sun reflecting off your building’s wall at noon, a matte finish works better. Conversely, if you are doing business out of a setting that gets plenty of shade even at high noon, glossy letters demand more attention.

Ordering Front-Lit Channel Letters in DFW

Are front-lit channel letters the best option in DFW?

Contact our business sign specialists to set up a site survey. During this appointment, we visit you at your venue, take measurements of the façade, study signage used by neighboring businesses, and gauge the speed of traffic going past the setting. Depending on your location, we also investigate the consumer’s viewing angle of your channel letter sign. Putting this much effort into a preliminary site evaluation allows us to give you science-backed suggestions for the ideal signage setup.

Call us today to schedule your appointment!