Why Choose Channel Letters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area?

Why Choose Channel Letters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area?

As you drive around the area after dark, you cannot help but notice that channel letters in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area are among the most frequently chosen signage solutions for businesses. Retailers, service providers, healthcare facilities, and government agencies favor this building signage type. If you are still on the fence about putting up channel letters on your building’s wall, or if you are wondering what is new since you had your last channel letter sign installed, we have answers.

Solid Construction that Stands the Test of Time

Channel Letters Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

Building signs have to handle constant exposure to the elements. The manufacturing techniques we use reflect this understanding.

* Sturdy aluminum. We use aluminum to construct the bodies of the letters. This material withstands rust, is of no interest to nesting birds and is not attacked by insects.

* Impact-resistant polycarbonate. Depending on your illumination choice, we use polycarbonate for the fronts or backs of the lettering. Some clients prefer to use acrylic. Either selection provides a robust material for the letters.

* Low-energy lighting. LEDs have eclipsed neon tubes as light sources for outdoor signage. They are inexpensive to operate and last for a long time.

How Would You Like to See Your Light Displayed?

Illuminated Letter Building Signs Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

To be fair, not all business clients choose illuminated channel letters. Some opt for the non-lit versions of this sign instead. They typically do so because the three-dimensional appearance of the lettering is appealing. For the majority of customers who do opt for lights, there are four options.

1. Front lit. When you like the light to escape through the letters’ fronts, we close them off with polycarbonate that we paint in your custom color. After dark, your sign emphasizes the color display.

2. Backlit. In this scenario, the illumination creates a halo around each letter. We achieve this look by mounting the letters to the wall with two-inch standoffs and closing the fronts with painted aluminum. For the back, we select transparent polycarbonate, which protects the light sources.

3. Combination. Some clients want to have the best of both worlds. We recommend using an additional set of LEDs to ensure that you lose no illumination when allowing the light to escape through the fronts and backs of the letters.

4. Open face. We do not get many requests for this design. It involves the use of neon tubes and typically appeals to the business with a retro vibe. Although the design is referred to as an open face setup, we do close up the fronts of the letters with clear polycarbonate.

There is an Installation Technique that Meets Your Needs

Channel Letter Signs Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area

There are typically three factors that influence our installation technique:

1. Zoning regulations that specify or forbid a particular mounting style.

2. Lease agreements that do the same.

3. A façade’s makeup that may not be suitable for one type of installation.

Of course, your personal taste greatly influences the decision as well. If you want us to install the channel letters flush-mounted to the wall, we will attempt to do so if we can reach the backs of the products for the electrical installation. When this is not an option, we recommend the use of a raceway, which allows us to place all electrical components inside a box to which we then mount the letters. Since we paint the box in the same color as the façade, it visually blends in perfectly with the substrate.

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