What Are Sandblasted Lobby Signs?

What Are Sandblasted Lobby Signs?

Sanblasted lobby signs Fort WorthHave you heard about lobby signs that are sandblasted rather than manufactured from formed aluminum, foam or acrylics? They are quickly catching on with businesses that want something radically different from what the competition is displaying. What exactly are these sandblasted lobby signs Fort Worth is now talking about? Is this something that you might need for your reception area?

The Design Process of Sandblasted Lobby Signs

These signs are usually either made of wood, high-density urethane or a similar foam medium that is durable and superbly suited for an interior display. It is even possible to use marble or glass! The technique that creates the sign ensures that your logo, image and lettering is in the foreground, while ornamentation as well as different color designs are in the background. The result is a three-dimensional image that grabs the eye and wows the customers.

Sandblasted Signs Fort WorthWe mask off the elements that show up in the foreground. Next, we apply a targeted high-powered blast of sand that eats away at the material – except in the areas where we applied the masking materials. After we achieve the desired depth, we sand the marker to eliminate some of the rough edges. Next, it is time to apply the primer, which not only prepares the surface to evenly accept the color but also properly seals it against moisture. The colors you choose may be wood stains if your sign is supposed to mimic a rustic look, enamel as well as a variety of finishing coats that give the exterior a matte or shiny finish.

Branding Like Never Before

But what can really make this signage design shine is our vast library of textures that can make the backdrop of your sign stand out even more. If you run a spa, you might delight in a bamboo texture. For the construction business, a grout and brick backdrop may be just what you need in Lobby signs Fort Worththe office to make a great first impression. Tree bark is a great solution for the company that specializes in eco-friendly products or services. By customizing your lobby sign in this manner, you not only bespeak your business’ niche, but you also personalize your branding in the most outstanding way possible.

We Can Help!

There are plenty of looks and materials to choose from. Which one is right for your? Talk to the experienced sandblasted lobby sign experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs today. We are happy to sit down with you and show you examples of markers that have been created using this technique. Once you see this type of lobby sign up close, you get a much better understanding of the mesmerizing quality that this design offers.

You will notice that this type of marker draws the eye in, which is accomplished by the layered three-dimensional look. Add the right color combinations, and you have a lobby sign that people may actually ask to touch. This level of fascination is easy to heighten. Some customers have chosen to use this type of sign as part of a mural. With specific design elements displayed that continue the elements displayed in the sandblasted marker, the entire wall actually becomes part of the signage. What a great idea!