VersaTrust Boosting Brand with New Lobby Sign in Fort Worth

VersaTrust Boosting Brand with New Lobby Sign in Fort Worth

If you need web filtering and firewall solutions in the Fort Worth area, VersaTrust is the company to consider. Located at 6310 Southwest Boulevard, the company offers managed IT services, provides cloud and IT solutions, handles security and can also sets up business telephones. When it came time to add a customized office sign to the workplace, the company’s management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

IT Company Lobby Signs

IT Company Lobby Signs

The lobby signs Fort Worth area IT companies usually choose are sleek and innovative. This is in keeping with their avant-garde product solutions and upgrades. VersaTrust liked the idea of having this kind of look in their offices as well. We used a brushed aluminum board that holds the blue and black lettering of the company’s name and logo. Offset mounted, it adds just a bit of shadow to the wall. The matte finish of the marker harmonizes beautifully with the hue of the mounting surface.

Considering New Reception Area Signage?

Are you thinking of adding or redoing reception area signs? Fort Worth companies frequently redo their signs when they have gotten a decade old. In some cases, this is done to replace a sign that is beginning to look a bit worn. Yet in other cases, the change is needed to reflect a rebranding of the company’s signage or a refurbishing of the foyer’s look. This calls for different color schemes as well as potentially different material choices.

Acrylic lobby signs Fort Worth

For example, the use of an acrylic or brushed aluminum board is a great option when you anticipate an office move in your future. The offset mountings easily come off the wall and make sign moving quick and simple. If you prefer a more dramatic display of your company’s information, choose interior foam that we can paint or laminate with metal or acrylic. This gives your reception area a classy or innovative look. At the same time, we can also use lightweight acrylic lettering that attaches directly to the wall with the help of silicone gel. For an artistic business, this is a great way of combining multiple colors.

Lobby signs Fort Worth

Speaking of colors, consider that there are numerous standard color choices when working with acrylics. Of course, we gladly match any specialty hue that you have in mind by mixing and matching colors. If you are working with an interior decorator, we can collaborate with this professional to get you a sign that perfectly suits the vision for your completed lobby setting. This ensures that your sign enhances and underscores the atmosphere in your office even while branding your company.

Other Options

There is also a new trend that is quickly catching on in Fort Worth and its surrounding areas: wall graphics. Thought leaders in their respective niches have begun commissioning whole-wall murals that integrate the lobby sign. This makes excellent use of a focal wall while also presenting the type of reception area sign that is difficult to forget. The combination of graphics, colors and information immediately draws the eye and markets to the consumer at every glace. If you have been thinking of shaking up the look of your lobby, this might just be the right solution for you!