What Materials Can I Use for My Wayfinding Signs?

What Materials Can I Use for My Wayfinding Signs?

Viny wayfinding graphics Fort WorthNot too long ago, a client visited Cowtown Graphics & Signs and asked us for wayfinding signage that was not commonly seen around town. Since standing out from the crowd is a major part of branding and the successful increase of name recognition, it only makes sense that some of the best materials for wayfinding signs in Fort Worth are not necessarily the ones used by everyone else.

We have compiled a list of possible marker materials that have been excellent for the use in a wide variety of environments.

Vinyl Graphics and Lettering

When you have plenty of glass surfaces that you could commit to the purpose of providing directions, vinyl graphics and lettering are excellent choices. Available in a wide variety of colors, fonts and sizes, the lettering easily incorporates the look of your logo and the colors of your building marker. In fact, since it is easy to manipulate the size of this signage, it is possible to display the same sign in a variety of sizes within your venue.

Plaques and Metal Signs

Metal Plaque Wayfinding Signs Fort WorthFor a distinguished look, metal is always a good option. Faith communities in particular like the use of metal when commissioning signs that identify commonly searched for locations such as sanctuaries, baptisteries and church offices. Since these signs are so durable, they are great for outdoor locations as well as indoors.

Customized Wood Markers

When only a rustic look and cowboy feel will do for your Fort Worth business, why not use wood as the base material for your wayfinding signs? We can easily treat the signs to remain durable and unaffected by the elements even as they display a truly rustic look that includes a bit of artificial weathering.


For a highly sophisticated look that would suit a spa, luxury hotel or similar venue, why not go with quarried granite, marble, slate or limestone? The material can be routed, sandblasted and carved. We would add a matte or polished finish. This is a great three-dimensional directional sign that works well for indoor and outdoor applications.


Wooden wayfinding signs Fort WorthThere are different types of foam currently available. Depending on the material that you select, the sign can be used indoors only or outdoors as well as indoors. One of the most versatile materials, foam can actually be made to mimic a wide range of other material looks. With the right coloration and treatment, foam mimics the look of bricks, lumber, stucco and a host of other appearances. Another advantage of this material is the possibility of placing it into the middle of a hall or room rather than mounting it to a wall. Consider the shape of a pylon or kiosk.

If all of these material options make the notion of purchasing wayfinding signage a bit daunting, do not fret. It does not have to be a confusing undertaking at all! When you talk to our highly-trained wayfinding signage experts, you can rely on many years of experience in the use of various materials. Our graphic artists will discuss proposed usage with you, which greatly influences the suggestion of appropriate materials.