Using Metal Plaques and Wall Graphics for Lobby Signs in Fort Worth

Using Metal Plaques and Wall Graphics for Lobby Signs in Fort Worth

Using metal plaques for lobby signs in Fort WorthPresenting your clients or customers with a reception area that lets your business stand out from the competition is a vital component of your branding and marketing efforts. After all, you simply cannot afford to have your front area look like everyone else’s reception front office. Not surprisingly, plenty of companies hire interior designers who ensure that the lobby projects the right kind of atmosphere. It is possible to have your lobby sign do some of the heavy lifting there, too.

Metal Plaques Underscore Durability and Longevity

If you want your clients to know that your business is here to stay, metal plaque lobby signs for Fort Worth area venues are the perfect solutions. What metal laminate would achieve in a standard reception area sign, the metal plaque accomplishes for the company that wants to stand out without compromising on the message.

Etched metal is a good solution when your lobby sign is heavy on details. Highly intricate logo depictions and a sign that includes a bit more than just the name of the company are usually best represented by the etching process. If you include a photograph or drawing, this plaque Custom lobby signs Fort Worthdelivers a great look. Usually, these signs come in stainless steel, copper, brass or bronze. It is possible to add some color with baked enameling. The thickness of your sign varies from 1/16th of an inch to one quarter of an inch.

When your lobby marker will be a bit lighter on the text portion, consider the cast plaque instead. Again, you have the option of choosing bronze, brass or aluminum as well as several attractive border designs. A background texture underscores the elegant look of your message. (A common choice is the leatherette backdrop.) The information that you want to see displayed is raised while the backdrop is recessed. This is not necessarily the case with an etched plaque.

Going the Vinyl Graphics Route

Vinyl Graphic lobby signs for Fort Worth TXIf you are thinking of completely eliminating the look of a wall attachment that is held in place by hooks or brackets, you might choose vinyl wall graphic lobby signs. In Fort Worth, this is a trend that is quickly catching on. We have seen many companies that commission a wall mural for their focal reception area wall also request a decal as a marker display. Frequently, the businesses ask us to cleverly work in the lobby sign rather than having it stand out.

When we do the mural as well as the wall graphic, this is not a problem. For example, if we create a vineyard mural for your wine store, we can create a foreground structure that holds a sign marker, which then displays your company information. The possibilities are truly endless in this setting. If we do not do a mural, or if you decide only to have the reception marker done as a decal, we will match the border colors to be a visually pleasing transition from the wall color to the signage hues. As a result, the final sign will be very attractive and still help you to stand out from the crowd.