Unique Office Signs: Be Innovative with Your Signs!

Unique Office Signs: Be Innovative with Your Signs!

describe the imageOne company’s idea of unique lobby signs is another’s innovative use of unusual material choices. Custom office signs have the power to propel you – in your clients’ minds – into a whole different level of sophistication, expertise and desirability. The trick here is the expert usage of materials as well as material combinations and mounting solutions.

The Material Mix and Match Option

Standard marker materials include acrylic, aluminum, glass, foam, plastic, wood, metal laminates and PVC. These materials are the tried and true workhorses of the signage industry. Yet when a customer wants to stand out from the crowd, it does not always provide the highest benefit to create yet another metal laminate sign that gets lost in a sea of metal laminate markers. Rather, mixing materials for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance is a key element for standing out.

Metal laminate lobby signs Fort WorthFor example, the favored signage material combination for law firms is metal laminate on a foam substrate. For the legal professional who wants to stand out, why not mix metal laminate with glass and wood? The resulting lobby sign is not only unique but also underscores an out-of-the-box thinking that would set one legal professional apart from another one. And is it not the innovative thinker to whom you would prefer to entrust your case?

Mounting Locations and Size Always Matter

Unique office signs not only impress because of material choices but also because of size and the manner of mounting. While the standard lobby sign is attached to the wall behind the receptionist’s desk, a more unconventional but much more noticeable setup would include a ceiling mount that suspends the marker above the desk. Proper sizing would ensure that this type of setup perfectly harmonizes with the desk’s overall size. Rather than being dwarfed by the desk and adjacent file cabinets and other office furniture, these signs are appropriately sized to be seen from a distance and claim their rightful spots as focal points in the office’s setup.

Exceptional Manufacturing Techniques Combine Material Use, Mounting Techniques and Sizing

Office office signs Orange CountyGoing for the gusto ensures a high level of differentiation from other businesses. At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, our experienced office sign designers work with you to discover the best approach to creating your marker. Depending on your line of business, your branding message, your marketing slogans and the appearance that you want to create with your reception area, we can route, stencil, carve or drill your sign. Combining multiple materials is a snap. The same is true for the creation of unusual mounting solutions.

The processes itself varies by material. When you choose metal laminate on acrylic substrate, we usually suggest brushed brass or copper. Letter heights between one inch and 22 inches are easy to achieve. Stud mounts ensure proper display. When you choose hardwood, gold leaf or chrome, we would discuss a wide array of secondary mounting options that not only ensure the safe display of your lobby sign but also guarantee that the use of these somewhat unusual materials is highlighted to the fullest potential.