How Are Lobby Signs Mounted?

How Are Lobby Signs Mounted?

The design and manufacture of your customized office sign is only one part of the effort to make a great first impression on clients and customers. The careful choice of materials and design elements is a must for lobby signs in Fort Worth. Yet the other part of the display’s effectiveness is the mounting method. It is here that you can truly make a huge impression with the clever use of several different installation tools. So, how are lobby signs mounted?

How are lobby signs installed

Panels Make a Future Move Easy

Let’s say that you are not sure just how long you will be in your current office space. If the lease is up in a year or so, why not get a great marker made that is then mounted to an acrylic panel. We can choose clear or colorful panels that support the color choices of the actual marker. Next, we mount the panel to the wall with the help of attractive aluminum stand-offs.

Assorted Metal Hardware Creates Great 3D Effects

How are lobby signs mounted to the wall

If you are not worried about having a portable sign but would rather focus your attention on creating a display with an eye-popping three-dimensional effect, we would choose ¼-inch or ½-inch stand-offs. Again, aluminum is a great option. To enhance this type of display, we suggest the installation of indoor spotlights that are aimed at the marker with an eye on creating a great shadow display.

The Actual Nuts and Bolts of Signage Mounts

While very lightweight sign components can be attached directly to the wall with a silicone gel, heavier markers take a bit more care.

  • Lobby signs Fort WorthFinding the right position. We usually use a blank sheet of paper in the approximate signage dimensions to act as our model. We tape it to the location on the wall where you would prefer to see your customized office sign. At this time, we double-check that it is perfectly level. If the marker is very heavy because of the use of real stone or lumber, we would have to check for wall studs to ensure that the sign hangs safely. If there are no studs in that portion of the wall, we may have to reposition the sign. For standard signs, this is not a common requirement.
  • Drilling the holes. We drill holes through the paper. This ensures that the finished product is ready for installation as soon as we bring it to your office. Next, we take the paper off the wall and bring it back to our shop. Having the drill holes in this material helps us decide where to pre-drill notches in the acrylic, foam or PVC.
  • Placing the stand-offs. We use small support studs that connect the stand-offs to the wall’s surface. The sign fits perfectly over these stand-offs, which actually go through the marker’s material. We secure the front with the stand-off’s cap portion, which we simply screw on.

If this sounds complicated, do not worry! The highly-trained lobby sign experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs are well-versed in the various installation techniques. We discuss with you ahead of time how we will mount the finished product to achieve the look that you desire.