Need a Sign Site Survey in Fort Worth?

Need a Sign Site Survey in Fort Worth?

Sign Site Surveys Fort WorthThere is more to putting up a sign that perfectly brands your business than meets the eye. In fact, any signage maker worth his salt will begin by taking stock of the location where the marker is supposed to be installed. At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we are serious about our sign site surveys. Fort Worth business community members know us for our thorough site investigations, measurement taking and careful sketching. Have you ever wondered what really goes into a survey?

Measurements Determine Dimensions

Whether you are commissioning a channel letter sign for the exterior of your façade or a monument marker to be installed near the entrance to your parking lot, we measure the mounting surface. Doing so first allows us to give you professional advice on the best signage dimensions for that particular location. Without this step, your proposed design may be too large or too small for the area, which gives the product an odd look.

Secondly, we discuss the sizing of the lettering. There is a lot of science that goes into the proper font and lettering height, which in turn makes it easier for motorists to read. Location-specific situations like the driving speed in front of your venue and the makeup of the road actually determine the ideal letter height and may give us some suggestions with respect to the font.

Surface Inspections Help Decide on Mounting Options

Forth Worth Sign Surveys and Permitting

The makeup of your façade tells us a lot about the best mounting options for the sign. Bricks need to be handled differently than stucco or wood. In some cases, the façade is ill suited to mounting a sign and we may recommend a different approach altogether. At other times, when there are multiple mounting options, an inspection of the façade lets us narrow down the most appropriate means of hanging the product. The Sign Ordinance for Fort Worth offers even more information.

Electrical Access Verification

The installation of a lit product calls for proper electrical access. If there is none at the proposed installation site, you still have options. We can move the signage to a more favorable spot on the façade, decide on a different signage type or manufacture an unlit marker that you may illuminate with separate façade or landscape light sources.

Photos Come in Handy for the Permitting Process

Get a sign survey in Fort Worth

Did you know that our professionals also handle the permitting process? To get city hall to sign off on your application, you need photos of the area as well as the proposed installation site. Providing officials with plenty of photographic data as well detailed drawings (to scale) ensures successful sign permitting. Fort Worth officials verify that the marker’s setup fits into the neighborhood and is appropriate for the building’s zoning. A final inspection ensures that there will be no future problems.

Getting Started

As you can see, the site survey primarily benefits you, our client, and assists us not only in giving your fact-based expert advice on the various design, style and installation options for the product but it is also a crucial aspect of getting your permit. Call us today for more information on our products and to get started on the process. Although it sounds amazingly labor-intensive, it is actually a process that smoothly integrates in our meeting to discuss the signage details.