Sign Permit FAQs for Fort Worth, Texas

Sign Permit FAQs for Fort Worth, Texas

Are sign permits for Fort Worth area businesses really necessary? What does the permit application entail? What other rules govern my displays of retail signs? Your questions – answered! sealoffortworth

Why do I need to apply for a permit to put up signs around my business?

The City of Fort Worth argues that by implementing a signage permitting process, the overall economic value of the local business community is protected. An absence of what city officials term “visual clutter” ensures that every business owner has a fair chance at having signs permitted and seen.

Does every sign need to be permitted?

No, not necessarily. For example, there are a number of temporary signs that are exempt. Examples include decorative flags, temporary ad displays and window signs.

So, does this mean that I can put up as many of these non-permit-requiring signs as I like?

No, it does not. Even though you do not have to apply for a permit, there are rules governing this type of signage setup. For example, you are limited to one temporary sign for your business, which you may display during business hours. Among other rules, this sign may not be illuminated or exceed at height of 42

What does a signage perm inches. Other rules apply as well. Temporary signs that do require a permit include inflatable displays as well as balloons.

Permit application entail?

When you erect a banner, illuminated or non-illuminated sign that requires a permit, you need to give the full measurements of the marker including the width on the permit application.

Why was my permit application rejected?

City officials should give you a written reason why your application has been rejected. That said, there are a number of signs that Fort Worth will not allow. Examples include pole and animated signs. Sometimes, an applicant mistakenly identifies a changeable copy sign as a running message marker, which is also forbidden. In this case, it is possible to appeal the city’s decision by clarifying the makeup of the marker.

My sign application was rejected because of a right-of-way encroachment; is this fair?

Whether it is fair or not is debatable. Even so, you do have the option of appealing this decision and attaching an encroachment agreement. This requires a bit more paperwork but is worth it in the end.

This is all really confusing; is there someone who can help me?

We agree that the permitting process can seem like a huge bundle of red tape for the business owner. Remember, we have gone through these processes countless times for our customers. We know the rules, how to apply, what to include and how to word the application. Rather than spending your time on the permitting process, let us tackle this chore.

At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we know that the rules and regulations surrounding signage permits can be confusing. We hope that this sign permit FAQs for Fort Worth has helped you. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss the specific permitting process for your business, please contact us.