Illuminated Signs for DFW: Cabinets and Channel Letters

Illuminated Signs for DFW: Cabinets and Channel Letters

Illuminated Signs DFWWhen discussing illuminated building signs for DFW, attention inevitably turns to the channel letter display or the box cabinet setup. Yet there is a new trend emerging that proves why your next signage purchase is no longer an either-or proposition. In fact, more and more business customers are now opting for a combination of the two products. What are your options and why should you consider this look?

A Closer Look at Channel Letters

The channel letter setup is ideal for the display of your company’s name. Showing off your carefully chosen font and company’s colors, the lettering beckons to consumers in search of your types of products. Illumination usually comes from the front. While the body of the letter is manufactured from sturdy aluminum, we typically use polycarbonate to close it. When the light turns on, the color brightens and intensifies.

Channel Letter Signs DFWIt does not stop there. If you like the idea of seeing your sign awash in a soft halo of light rather than bold illumination, select the backlit-lettering version. In this case, the front is closed up and the back is open. For a combination of the two, we install a colorful front and a clear back. Mounted a few inches from the wall, the look is stunning. The only drawback that channel letters present is the lack of a logo display. This is why box cabinets are now getting so popular.

Why Choose a Box Cabinet?

The lightbox cabinet is the signage of choice for the business that wants display options. The cabinet features strong aluminum with a polycarbonate facing. Displays may be routed or added via a vinyl overlay. The greatest advantage of the box cabinet is its versatility. Select a standard geometric shape or opt for a customized display of your logo’s actual shape.

Cabinet Signs DFWWe can include as much lettering as you desire. Some companies like to add a niche explanation, tag line or professional affiliation to their building displays. In addition, box cabinets are self contained, which allows them to be displayed on a building’s façade or on a pole that is away from the building. The latter is crucial for the company that does business in an area where freeway overpasses obscure the view of the entryway wall.

Cabinet Signs and Channel Letters for Dallas-Fort Worth

Over time, business clients have begun commissioning both types of signs. For example, a company would ask us to manufacture a front-lit channel letter sign to display its business name. Next, we would make a box cabinet in the shape of the company’s logo. This combination of displays creates instant name recognition and brand awareness in consumers who most likely looked up your business online.

Yet it goes still further. Some of our successful business clients reinforce their niche messages by adding box cabinets in apropos shapes. For a plumbing business, this might include box cabinets in the shapes of pipe wrenches or pipe cutters. Bakeries have added whimsical cake and donut displays. The possibilities are endless.

When you, too, are intrigued by this branding opportunity, contact the signage experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs to discuss a product combination. We look forward to meeting with you and putting together sketches that show you what a combination of channel letters and lightbox cabinets can do for your building’s front. Call us today to get started.