Is It Possible to Move My Channel Letter Sign?

Is It Possible to Move My Channel Letter Sign?

Move exterior signs in Fort WorthCowtown Graphics & Signs specializes in the art and science of exterior building sign relocation in Fort Worth. Many of our customers are amazed when they learn that there is no need to buy a brand new sign when the existing marker is still in good shape. Could you be among them?

Why Move a Channel Letter Sign?

Are you moving your office across town? Are you taking over an adjacent store front and need the marker moved just a few feet to the right or left? Is the building’s management company revamping the façade, and you need the sign to be moved into storage for a week? We handle all of these scenarios – and more!

What Makes the Process Possible?

The materials used in the manufacture of channel letter signs make it possible to uninstall and reinstall them at a new location with a minimum of problems (if any).

  • Aluminum bodies. We use thick welded aluminum to craft the housing of the letters. You already know that this makes the sign durable and impervious to moisture and insect damage. Yet this construction also makes the individual letters strong enough to withstand multiple moves.
  • Channel letter sign relocation Fort WorthHard plastics. We use plastics that have been modified to be impact-resistant. This allows us to remove letter faces without cracking or chipping.
  • Standard mounts. Whether you have chosen a raceway for mounting the letters or opted to have them installed directly to the façade, it is easy to remove the hardware that keeps the letters in place. Due to the use of standard mounts, this part is actually quite simple.
  • Professional equipment. We not only have a state-of-the-art workshop where we manufacture your signs with the latest materials and tools of the trade, but we have also outfitted a superior installation crew with all the tools needed to do the job right the first time. This allows us to access signage anywhere in a safe manner, which – of course – prevents any damage to the channel letters.

Are There Signs that Cannot be Moved?

Relocate my channel letter sign in Fort WorthWe can relocate the vast majority of modern exterior signs. Where it is possible to run into trouble are old markers that have been manufactured from less durable materials. If the metal is heavily corroded or the plastic facings are already cracked, it is possible – but not advisable – to just move the sign. Moreover, if the installation was a do-it-yourself project that may have relied on perhaps not the best practices, the risks of damaging the lettering are a lot higher.

How Can I Move my Channel Letter Sign in Fort Worth?

Call our expert professionals today. We gladly visit your storefront or office for a site evaluation. By inspecting the setup of your marker and the installation methods used, we can make recommendations on the best way to move the lettering today. If the signage is old, we can also give you an estimate not only on what it costs to move the sign, but also on a complete signage replacement.