Invest in an Exterior SignFoam Sign for Your Fort Worth Business!

Invest in an Exterior SignFoam Sign for Your Fort Worth Business!

Exterior SignFoam Signs Fort WorthSignFoam is to signage making what the slicing machine is to white bread. Granted, this does sound like a bit of a hyperbolic statement, but it is actually the truth. Due to its durability, the product is now supplanting aluminum, acrylic and polycarbonate materials in the trade. When learning about SignFoam signs, Fort Worth business owners have a lot of questions. The friendly professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs have compiled those that are most frequently asked – and their answers.

Q: What makes this product equal (or superior) to other materials for my outdoor sign?

A: SignFoam neither cracks nor rots so these are excellent exterior signs. Insects are not interested in eating it. It does well in all types of weather and does not warp. Long-term water exposure has no impact on the material. In fact, even though SignFoam may be painted with any product, it displays a low absorption rate, which saves you money!

Q: How long will signs made with the product last?

SignFoam Signs Fort WorthA: While it is difficult to project the longevity of any product without knowing where the finished sign will be set up, it is fair to say that in normal conditions, this type of sign is pretty much unbreakable. Unless disaster strikes, signs made from the material may last for decades to come.

Q: What kinds of signs can you make with this product?

A: Three-dimensional markers, indoor or outdoor signage solutions and pretty much any type of sign that you could manufacture with wood or HDUs can also be made with SignFoam. This is of particular interest to clients who appreciate routed, sandblasted or carved appearances. By the way, did you know that our clients have commissioned wood look-alikes, monument signs and themed cutouts from this material?

Q: Where do you see signs made from SignFoam?

A: There are lots of exterior sign foam signs Fort Worth business owners are now enjoying on their properties. Monuments as well as façade-mounted products are just some of the examples. What are SignFoam Signs for Fort WorthThere are also carved sculptures that look fantastic in retail and entertainment environments.

Q: I want my sign to pop. Can you make that happen?

A: You bet! SignFoam is not just a material to rout, paint and then cover with a clear coat. Rather, it may be treated with faux finishes to give your business the illusion of a palatial interior with marble signs and columns. For an avant-garde appearance, we can treat it with metallic paint to mimic a steel or other metal finish. The possibilities are endless.

There is little doubt that this is the kind of material that revolutionizes the exterior signage industry. In so doing, it is also highly likely that it changes the way that For Worth’s business community shops for products that create a highly defined marketing message and branding look. When you are thinking that investing in SignFoam is the way to go, call our friendly professionals for more information and to get started on your order. We always start with a site survey and a relaxed signage discussion to discover exactly what you need.