Ideas for a Stunning and Unusual Lobby Sign!

Ideas for a Stunning and Unusual Lobby Sign!

Unusual lobby sign ideasOur customers tell us that they want unusual lobby signs for Fort Worth area businesses. Some report that they have used the same type of marker, which includes the usage of the same materials and typeface, for the last few decades. Is it possible to dress things up? Can we take your original customized office sign and shake it up to give it the new look that you crave? Yes, we can!

Vinyl Graphics

Using vinyl graphics in lieu of an actual reception area sign is a movement that is gaining momentum. The ability to use a lot of eye-catching colors while making the company’s sign the centerpiece is irresistible to avant-garde product makers and progressive business insiders. Even if you want the vinyl wall graphic to stand alone, our ability to guarantee a color match between your chosen corporate hues and logo is a huge plus.

Mixed Materials

3D lobby signsSince our workshop setup allows us to be on the cutting edge of manufacturing techniques, it is easy for us to mix and match materials for that unique look. Aluminum and glass, wood and PVC, foam and metal laminates, and a host of other combinations are frequently exactly what entrepreneurs need to change the look of an outdated office sign to a stand-out marker.

3D Lobby Markers

Three-dimensional lobby signs are an excellent choice for the lobby with a good focal wall. If you can commit at least half a wall to the display of a 3D image, we can give you a marker that truly stands out. Using acrylic as a substrate, we add brushed aluminum as well as spacers to further offset the lettering. When you add clever indoor spotlighting to the mix, you will be amazed at the finished look. For an even more dramatic effect, we choose foam that allows for an enhanced depth.

Add Lighting!

Add lighting to your lobby signsIn fact, the right type of lighting will make all these signage options shine. Depending on the type of lettering that you have chosen, edge lighting allows for the appearance of contrasting effects that turn your focal wall into a piece of artwork. Some clients have chosen to mount spotlights at the bottom of office plants, which not only illuminates the foliage but also casts the light onto the marker, which then provides a breathtaking play of light and shadows.

If you are working with an interior decorator to spruce up your lobby while also thinking of redoing your sign, talk to our experienced signage consultants. We gladly work with your decorator to manufacture a reception area sign that harmonizes with the new look or – if you so desire – provides a bit of a visual counterpoint. Our customers who have used the services of interior decorators have had great results in changing the overall look and feel of their offices in a very short amount of time.

Even if you go it alone and simply update the furniture and perhaps also the wall colors, let us know so that we can come out and do a site survey. This allows us to choose the right materials and manufacturing methods for your new stunning lobby sign.