Have You Considered Dimensional Letters for Interior Lobby Signs for Businesses?

Have You Considered Dimensional Letters for Interior Lobby Signs for Businesses?

dimensional letters for interior lobby signs for businessesThere has been a lot of talk in the local business community about the use of lobby signs that quite literally stand out. Known as dimensional letters, these signs do not sit flat and offer the opportunity to create a standout look on your focal wall. Could this be a good option for your business?

Understanding the Dimensional Look

Dimensional letters for interior lobby signs for businesses in your area are becoming more common. They rely on 3D technology and turn a standard sign into an opportunity to become a major player in a light and shadow appearance. Material choice is a major consideration in this situation. While standard material usage keeps things looking flat, the availability of inexpensive foam as a substrate has changed the way lobby markers can look.

Painted acrylic, too, is an option as a substrate. While the effects will not be as dramatic as foam can make them, consider that not every lobby needs a two-inch deep sign. Let your office’s overall setup and atmosphere dictate your choice of substrate. Once you have picked the right material, adding the right laminate gets easier. Choose from metal, acrylic, PVC and other options.


Mounting and Lighting Suggestions

Dimensional letter lobby signs Fort WorthWe have had excellent success with clear acrylic bases that hold the lettering of three-dimensional lobby signs. This setup creates even more depth and adds the illusion of floating letters. We usually recommend the addition of indoor spotlights to the mix. Aimed from hidden places – such as from flower pots and books shelves – they have the power to create a memorable atmosphere while bringing out the dimensional letter look. Edge-lit signs also hold a remarkable appeal.

Since dimensional letters work best when they are not mounted directly to the wall, we recommend the use of brushed metal standoffs. We usually rely on ¼-inch or ½-inch aluminum for this task. Careful alignment of individual letters guarantees a harmonious 3-D effect that turns any office wall into the reception area’s focal point. By the way, using a clear acrylic board to mount the letters makes hanging the marker easier but it also lets you relocate it if you change offices some time down the road.

Should You Mix and Match Style Elements

Dimensional letter reception area signsWe have had requests for dimensional letters and flat logo decals. Although in theory this sounds like a great way of making good use of the entire wall surface, consider that this setup might make your wall look too busy and could actually detract from the overall appearance of your lobby sign. We instead suggest using dimensional letters as well as a dimensional logo display. Keeping the look uniform appeals to the eye and does not take any attention away from the wow factor of your dimensional sign.

Getting started on your order is easy. Talk to our friendly dimensional signage consultants and bring in your artwork. If you do not have any artwork on file yet, we can work with you to help you put together the perfect look. This ensures that the lobby sign is truly a representation of your company’s highly individualized brand.