Lobby Sign Letters Explained!

Lobby Sign Letters Explained!

What are lobby sign letters made ofWhat are lobby sign letters made of? What goes into the construction of the individual signage elements that then work together to present your customers or clients with a marker that not only helps with branding your business but also with generating name recognition? Your questions – answered!

Material Choices Matter…

Lobby signs in Fort Worth, TX, can be fashioned from aluminum, metal, metal laminate, acrylic, acrylic laminate, plastic, foam or PVC. Each material expresses a different “attitude” about the business. For example, metal laminate comes across as durable, long-lived and elegant. Acrylic PVC Lobby Signs Fort Worthhighlights the artistic nature of a business’s mindset. Moreover, each material has its very own properties.

Acrylic letters, for examples, can be flat-cut and serve as interior or transitional markers with interior and exterior applications. Thicknesses vary greatly between one eighth of an inch to one inch. It is possible to use PVC instead of acrylic. The advantage of this material is the customization of the color palette. These letters can be painted to perfectly match the wall colors where they will be installed.

…So Does the Setup

In addition to the basic material choices, you have different setup options. Attaching metal materials to acrylic substrates results in a solid look. This look frequently brings out the color Acrylic lobby signs Fort Worthof the metal by a clever color combination with the underlying acrylic. Metal and acrylic laminate is frequently placed on foam as well. Since this material can have a depth between a half inch and two inches, it can create an impressive marker appearance that easily becomes the focal point of a wall.

A Closer Look at Foam

Foam is a common substrate for laminates. It brings out the look of a custom lobby sign because its depths can reach two inches. That said, some companies have discovered that Foam Letter Lobby Signs Fort Worthfoam is an ideal signage material in its own right. The material is light-weight, which makes it perfect for structurally compromised walls or for wall coverings that would not be able to sustain the weight of heavier choices. Foam is also quite inexpensive.

At the same time, it is paintable in a rainbow of colors, which endears it to those who envision quirky sign designs that call for multiple colors or unusual color combinations. If you desire an extreme thickness for your sign, go for Gatorfoam, which is usually used outdoors, or opt for high-density urethane. These materials allow you to go up to three inches in depth, which can make for an amazing look in your lobby. Properly treated, foam lasts for a long time, is ideally suited for interior uses and can be sealed to withstand moisture.

Adding a Finishing Touch

Finishes bring out the beauty of the top material layer. In the case of metal, you may opt for brushed brass, aluminum, copper or pewter. Polished brass and aluminum are other possibilities. Even polished gold is frequently chosen. Mounting is just as important as the finishing polish you choose for your lettering. Studs, tape and offset mounts allow for a dramatic display that can create the optical illusion of a floating lobby marker.