HoneyLove Cakery Shines Bright with Channel Letters in Hurst TX!

HoneyLove Cakery Shines Bright with Channel Letters in Hurst TX!

Located at 1222 West Hurst Boulevard, the HoneyLove Cakery offers a vast menu of cake flavors. This bakery is your go-to when you need a fantastic wedding cake, a custom party cake, or any other type of cake with an amazingly artistic decorative touch. Other crowd pleasers include cookies, bars, and pies. When this business needed a set of channel letters in Hurst, TX, to assist with wayfinding, branding, and marketing, its management team contacted the business sign experts at Cowtown Graphics and Signs.

A Client Consultation and a Site Survey

Channel Letter Signs for Retailers in Hurst TX

After meeting with the client, we designed a channel letter sign that spells out the name of the business. Because the iconic font used is very ornamental, we amplified the straight lines a little to make reading the marker easier for those passing by the location quickly. During our site survey, we took measurements that allowed us to gauge the correct size. Since there is an awning right above the entryway, the sign had to harmonize with the setup.

Selecting a Raceway Installation

Raceway Mounted Channel Letters | Dallas / Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

At that time, we also noted that a flush mount would not be possible for the illuminated sign. Our experts suggested a raceway installation instead, which the client liked. In this scenario, we take an elongated aluminum box that we paint in the exact color of the façade. Because the HoneyLove Cakery does business out of a location with a red brick building front that features multiple colors, we painted the material to match the tone most commonly used. As a result, it blends right in and makes the white lettering appear to float above the wall.

Illumination Beckons to Customers and Prospective Clients Alike

We put together a front-lit presentation for the cake business. Our technicians hid the electrical components inside the raceway, which we installed perfectly centered above the awning and entrance. While the letters’ sides and backs are made of aluminum, the fronts feature a polycarbonate material that looks bright white during the day and lights up even more after dark when the LEDs turn on. In this capacity, the product succeeds in functioning as a wayfinding sign but also as a marketing tool.

Pairing Channel Letters with Supporting Signage

When you look closely, you will notice that the business’ management team has already invested in a set of door graphics that feature the company’s easy-to-recognize font and name display. This lettering functions as a branding tool that repeats the building sign’s information and expands on it a little. In this case, it spells out hours of operation and other must-know facts that customers and passersby find useful. The signage combo does an excellent job at letting the company’s overall atmosphere of creativity and a unique business model shine through.

Are Channel Letters Right for Your Business?

Channel letters are among the most frequently chosen building signs in the area. Business clients like them because they provide an illumination and reinforce the branding through

color and font displays. But they also prefer this setup because it stands out against a façade with its three-dimensional pizzazz. When you heighten the 3D effect with a raceway mount, these letters truly stand out. Add to this the variety of illumination options, and you know that this may very well be the perfect building sign.

Do You Need Channel Letters in Hurst, TX, or Anywhere Else in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan Area?

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