Distributing Company Makes Great First Impression with New Exterior Signs

Distributing Company Makes Great First Impression with New Exterior Signs

Located at 5450 Willbarger Street in Fort Worth, Reeder Distributors is in the business of wholesale petroleum products distribution. In business since 1973, Reeder is one of the largest independent companies in this niche. When it came time to add a new exterior sign that would not only brand the business but also provide valuable information, the company’s management team contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs for assistance.

Exterior Signs That Get Noticed!

MDO Exterior Building Signs Fort Worth

We met with company representatives. They were looking for the type of exterior building signs Fort Worth companies choose when they want durability, good looks and a budget-friendly approach. For this reason, we suggested medium density overlay (MDO) plywood. A tough resin is connected to the fibers of the plywood on the molecular level. The result is the formation of a sturdy board with a smooth surface. This surface is so tough that it resists deterioration, moisture and abrasion.

Treated with blue colors, the sign identifies Reeder Distributors and offers contact as well as niche information. A second sign highlights the address – as well as the company name and logo – and also underscores the division it is representing. Both markers present an attractive signage solution for the company. Because of the durability, these markers will continue to assist customers with wayfinding for many years to come.

Exterior Signs for Commercial Businesses in Fort Worth

If you are thinking about adding exterior MDO signs in Fort Worth to your company’s façade, now is a good time to sit down and discuss sizes, colors and messages.

  • Inexpensive. MDO plywood is an inexpensive material that nevertheless brings all the durability, style and versatility to the table that other signage products offer. It is possible to treat the surface directly with vinyl lettering and decals, which further enhances the appearance of the marker.
  • Mounting options. Reeder chose to have the sign mounted directly to the façade. You can follow suit or decide to have it mounted in a post and panel fashion. When you do not want to deal with façade mounts and landlord approval of this installation method, the post and panel solution places the product into your landscape.
  • Attractive. MDO plywood is an attractive substrate. It comes in a variety of sizes, which makes it suitable for large-letter or smaller displays. Mixing and matching fonts and colors is also a possibility. Since this product is so inexpensive, plenty of businesses are able to commission multiple signs, which then assists with wayfinding and branding.

When you are contemplating the addition of an exterior building sign but simply cannot envision the use of channel letters or a lightbox cabinet, talk to our MDO specialists about this plywood product. We gladly visit you at your business for a full site evaluation. In addition, we take measurements, look at the signage you already have and also discuss any changes to the overall appearance of your lettering and decal placement that you are envisioning. We create sketches of the proposed sign and then manufacture it. Finally, we visit your facility to install the marker when it is convenient for you. This prevents any interruption of your business or inconvenience to staff members or customers.