5 Exterior Signs to Reel In Foot Traffic!

5 Exterior Signs to Reel In Foot Traffic!

There are five exterior signs for Fort Worth retailers that can turn passersby into shoppers. From there, you have an easy time to turn the shoppers into buyers. But getting them into the door first is the call of the hour. Here is how you can do it.

1. Modern Lit Channel Letters

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs for Retailers

We have talked to countless retailers who have reported a dramatic increase in foot traffic when adding an illuminated channel letter sign. Handmade temporary signs, outdated unlit markers and the absence of building signage altogether do not entice passersby to enter a store. While some will still enter, the majority keeps on going. The reasons are clear: contemporary signage signals a modern retailer with currently desirable products in stock. Lit signage helps a venue to stand out. Professionally manufactured and installed lettering identifies your location as one that is here to stay.

2. Pole Banners

Pole Banners for Retail Stores in Fort Worth

Invest in three to five pole banners that line the street in front of your store. Promote a new product line, deep discounts, seasonal sales or simply enhance the look of your façade with a colorful display that also brands and markets your business. These banners are excellent attention getters and serve to enhance the impression you make with your other exterior signs.

3. A-Frames

A Frame Signs for Retail Stores in Fort Worth

While the banners catch the eyes of those looking up, the A-frames appeal to those who walk with their eyes straight ahead. Choose two-sided versions of these markers to get out your message in both directions of foot traffic. What sets apart this exterior marketing solution from others is the ease with which you can change the message. In fact, you might even consider adding a day-to-day new message that highlights different products and sale items. By keeping the information fresh, passersby will begin to look out for your A-frame ads.

4. Floor Graphics

Floor graphics for retail stores in Fort Worth

You usually think of adding them to your store’s floors during the holidays. But did you know that these signs also make great sidewalk art with a purpose? For example, when you add a three-dimensional image, your floor graphic is sure to generate a lot of interest – even from consumers who might not usually visit your retail store location. When you follow up this marketing sign with another one on the inside, curious shoppers will enter you store just to see what the next marker looks like. At this point, it is the interior signage that must continue the dialog you started on the outside.

5. Feather Banners

Feather Banners for Retail Stores in Fort Worth

Use these banners to attract motorists. Unlike the pole banners, which are usually somewhat rigid, feather banners move with the wind. This makes them great attention getters that appeal to motorists. In addition, they appeal to the shoppers on the other side of the street. Tease a sale or discounts by only imprinting perhaps a word or two on each flag. This causes folks to come on over and take a closer look at your shop window or the shelves on the inside. By the way, if you are holding a sidewalk or parking lot sale, these are the exterior retail store signs Fort Worth store managers cannot do without.

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