Channel Letter Signs a Perfect Choice for Pharmacies in Fort Worth

Channel Letter Signs a Perfect Choice for Pharmacies in Fort Worth

Channel letter exterior signs for pharmacies in Fort Worth brand these businesses while they provide wayfinding assistance for customers. Case in point is Loyal readers of this blog know that we did some work last year for the PDX Pharmacy Division. In the business of providing automated pharmacy prescription filling software to independent pharmacies, supermarket chains and a variety of other merchants, this product is now the key filling and billing component for these types of businesses. When the company needed assistance with the branding of its community pharmacy division, Cowtown Graphics & Signs got the call.

Channel Letter Sign Fabrication

Channel Letter signs for pharmacies Fort Worth

We had created a high-end lobby sign that the client really liked. Fast forward a little bit and PDX integrated into its system. The latter is a clinical services documentation program. The two products clearly complement one another. The Community Pharmacy is located adjacent to the PDX offices. It now needed new signage. We manufactured a marker that displays the following its website color selection and added the niche explanation right underneath. Now, PDX brands Community Pharmacy with a new channel letter sign in Fort Worth.

Channel Letter Signs Fort Worth

It is no surprise that this technology giant would choose channel letters for the branding and wayfinding functions that the sign fulfills.


The faces of these signs easily take on any color scheme. It does not matter if you want to keep them all in one color, mix and match the hues or go for customization. For, only the name is kept in the colors, which consumers see on the website. The niche explanation’s letters are white. Follow suit or opt for a completely different look.

Possible to Size

Fort worth channel letter signs

A channel letter sign can be as tall or small as you need it to be. Our professionals usually come out for a site evaluation and take measurements. Depending on the space between your entryway and your roofline, we create letter sizes that display in an ideal height to width ratio.

Lit or Unlit

Illuminated Signs Fort Worth

The majority of our channel letter sign orders ask for built-in illumination. Put the signage on a timer, and the lights go on at the same time each day. This allows your storefront to become a beacon to consumers. Wayfinding has never been easier. That said, some of our clients prefer the unlit versions. They frequently use landscape lighting or already existing façade lights to illuminate the marker after dark and create dramatic plays of lights and shadows.

If you simply cannot warm up to the idea of adding a channel letter marker to your storefront, you can always opt for a different signage product altogether. For example, lightbox cabinets are excellent for adding a lit product that you may display either mounted to your building’s façade or to a pole in the parking lot. Dimensional letters are another option. They are a favorite of office building managers because of the sophistication they bring to a building. Talk to our professionals today for more information on these – and other – signage products that help to brand your company.