PDX Pharmacy Division Benefits from New Lobby Sign in Fort Worth

PDX Pharmacy Division Benefits from New Lobby Sign in Fort Worth

Computerizing pharmacy operations improves accuracy, saves time and ensures proper billing. The PDX Pharmacy Division is in the business of this computerization and has been an industry leader for almost three decades. Twenty-one pharmacy chains rely on the PDX brand for the accuracy of their computerized pharmacy systems. Moreover, there is one managed care plan that looks to this company for pharmacy billing and communication assistance. Located at 101 Jim Wright Freeway South, PDX contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs when it came time to add a lobby marker to its office.

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Medical lobby signs in Fort Worth do more than just assist with branding and name recognition. These signs reassure patients that they have come to the right place for their particular conditions. In the case of medical software companies, the reception area signs must highlight that the firms are on the cutting edge of the technology while not neglecting a thorough understanding of the industry that they are serving. After discussing the signage needs with management team representatives of PDX, we manufactured and installed an acrylic panel lobby sign with brushed metal aluminum logos.

The acrylic mimics the look of frosted glass, which is a highly attractive counterpoint to the metal decals and lettering. It successfully combines the atmosphere that is usually sought after by software giants with the confidence-inspiring use of metal and glass that hints at a flourishing physician’s practice. The offset mounting technology further provides interesting display options. By angling a set of interior lights just right, this lobby marker will create attractive light and shadow appearances on the focal wall.

When you are in charge of ordering medical or pharmacy lobby signs for Fort Worth area hospitals, administrative or physicians’ offices, talk to our friendly reception sign experts. We work hard to meet your needs.

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  • Site survey. We begin by looking at your already existing signage and overall interior design. It is important that your lobby sign is in harmony with the general setting of the venue. Unless you want to redo your office, we always keep an eye on creating that perfect match.
  • Material choices. There are plenty of options that allow you to pick out the perfect material selection for your sign. Acrylics, metal, glass, foam, stone, wood, vinyl and any combination thereof can be used to create an ideal first impression for visitors to your office. If there is one particular material combination that you really enjoy, we can use it to manufacture additional lobby markers or conference room signage for a harmonious look.
  • Mounting options. When you pick a lightweight material like foam or acrylics, we can install the sign with little more than a silicone bonding agent applied right to your office walls. This is a great solution for as sign that should become part of a wall setup. For a heavier material choice, we use specialty mounts. Even here, you have plenty of choices that determine the offset and either highlight or detract from an industrial look.

Finish up your wall installation with the use of light. It is possible to completely transform the appearance of your entire venue with little more than an expertly installed lobby sign and two perfectly angled spotlights.