Channel Letter Sign FAQs for Fort Worth

Channel Letter Sign FAQs for Fort Worth

Channel Letter Signs Fort WorthOur customers like channel letters. These markers are versatile and fit in perfectly at strip malls, business parks and a variety of other settings. In addition, they are budget-friendly. So, when the signage experts at Cowtown Graphics & Signs get calls about this product, we gladly offer up advice and suggestions. In fact, we have decided to be a bit more proactive and present this channel letter sign FAQs for Fort Worth members of the business community.

Q: Are there any variations to channel letter signs?

A: Indeed, there are! The most common model is of course the standard front lit version. This means that the front of the aluminum-body is closed off with a colorful acrylic face. When lit, the illumination shines brightly through the colorful front, which in turn gives the marker a vibrant look. A reverse-lit – or halo-lit – channel letter setup features a sign with an aluminum front and an open back. The illumination comes from the back, which bathes the solid letter in a halo of light. A combination of the two is also available. The effect of both is lessened but when put together, this look is stunning.

Q: Do you still use neon lights to illuminate the channel letters?

Illuminated LED Channel Letter Signs Fort WorthA: No, we do not. Neon lights are expensive to handle and maintain. Moreover, they are also expensive to operate, which is not something that our customers appreciate. We have upgraded our technology to work with LEDs, which are environmentally friendly, inexpensive to operate and have a long life span. The latter, of course, translates into fewer service calls, which also saves you quite a bit of money.

Q: I want an unusual color; can you do that?

A: Yes, we can. While the acrylic facings come in a wide variety of available standard colors, we also offer custom-color mixing. We can match any color sample that you bring us. Whether it is a faded old sign form the 1940s or the amazing color combination that you have found for your logo, we can match the letter colors to meet your needs.

Q: Is the housing durable?

A: You bet! We rely on aluminum, which does very well in Fort Worth and its surrounding areas. It handles the weather, does not fall victim to insect damage and overall stays in great shape for decades to come. Since this material is so durable, we also use it for the raceways that we sometimes use to mount the letters.

Exterior Illuminated Signs Fort WorthQ: How can I combine a logo with a channel letter sign?

A: There are quite a few customers who have expressed the desire to have their logo displayed alongside the channel letter signage that highlights the company’s name. We do so by creating a separate lightbox cabinet. The cabinet is made from aluminum and shaped according to your specifications. We then add an acrylic face with a printed vinyl covering. The colors are chosen based on your logo’s look. When mounted together, you have an ideal logo and lettering display.

We hope that this channel letter sign FAQs for Fort Worth has answered many of your questions. If there is still some information that we did not cover, please contact our skilled signage experts. We look forward to hearing from you.