Building Signs Choices for Dallas/Fort Worth

Building Signs Choices for Dallas/Fort Worth

Building signs for Dallas/Fort Worth business owners fulfill multiple functions. Primarily, they present a wayfinding tool that allows motorists and pedestrians to locate the company’s location. Secondly, the signage reinforces name recognition. Consumers who daily see the sign in its unique combination of colors and fonts will come to remember it quickly and learn to recognize the company simply by these style elements. A third function is expert branding. Your exterior building sign bespeaks your business philosophy, which in turns attracts your targeted demographic. What are your options?

Lightbox Cabinets

Lightbox cabinet signs DFW

The lightbox cabinet is a favorite signage solution for manufacturers, warehouses and car dealerships. In niches where affiliations are a key-component of the branding message, the lightbox cabinet offers sufficient space on its facing to communicate this information alongside the company’s name and logo. In fact, when you select a sign that displays the shape of your logo, you greatly enhance brand awareness among consumers. These products come in lit and unlit versions.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs DFW

Although also available as unlit, our business clients frequently choose channel letters because the product offers three different illumination options. Manufactured with sturdy aluminum bodies and oftentimes acrylic facings, we mount the letters to raceways or directly to the exterior of your building. Channel letters display your company’s name in its stylish font and chosen color. The most commonly selected form of illumination is the front lit version that allows light to escape from behind the colorful acrylic facing. Backlit versions allow the light to escape through the back, which creates a halo around the sign. A combination of the two gives you the best of both worlds.

LED Signage/Changeable Reader Boards

Changeable message board signs DFW

When you like to change the message of your signage, we recommend a cabinet look that includes LEDs or a changeable reader board portion. The latter is something that you frequently see on the facades of schools or churches. While the name and logo of the organization is rendered on the upper portion of the sign’s facing, the lower portion contains the information section that you might change as needed. Reader boards call for manual changes while LED signage lets you change the message from the comfort of your computer.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letter Building Signs DFW

Customize the look of your façade with dimensional letters made from outdoor-rated foam, acrylic or metal. These materials enhance the good looks of your building’s exterior while providing you with the marketing and branding signage you need to impress consumers. Dimensional letters work well as wayfinding tools when you illuminate them. Façade lighting is a great option. In some cases, it is possible to incorporate other light sources into the setup.

When you are ready to commission the exterior building signs Dallas/Fort Worth consumers need to see on your façade, contact the professionals at Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We work with you to create a look that identifies your location and provides the wayfinding assistance necessary to bring in the foot traffic. Combine this signage product with other solutions such as A-frames, window graphics or posters.