A Look at the Components of Illuminated Letters for the DFW Metropolitan Area

A Look at the Components of Illuminated Letters for the DFW Metropolitan Area

If you have been wondering how to get more eyeballs directed at your business, you cannot go wrong with channel letters for the DFW metropolitan area. But exactly what makes these building signs so unique? More importantly, how do we manufacture them to create the eye-catching displays that so many business owners appreciate? Your channel letter questions – answered!

Why Channel Letters Attract Attention

Components of Channel Letters in DFW

There are three reasons why these signage solutions are worth every penny: size, illumination, and 3D components. Because the products jut out from the façade, passersby cannot help but notice them. Add to this the fact that they are typically rather large to ensure easy readability for motorists driving past the location. Finally, eyes simply cannot resist the lure of illumination.

Components of Illuminated Letters

Typical front-lit letters consist of aluminum backs and returns (widths). We like to use this material because it endures plenty of inclement weather. Moreover, animals do not gnaw on the product or look for ways to burrow into it. Also, aluminum is lightweight, which makes it ideally suited for use on a façade. The return may be as slim as three inches or as wide as eight inches. (We have previously discussed the importance of view angles favoring slim returns.)

Channel Letters and Cabinet Sign Combos DFW

The face is the front of the letter. We can close it off with translucent polycarbonate or acrylic that we paint in your desired color. Our technicians attach the face to the letter’s body with the trim cap. It creates a seamless look that harnesses the power of the internal light source. In the past, this light source would inevitably be a neon tube. Now, we use LEDs because they are more durable, less expensive to operate, and more affordable to replace.

Installation Choices for Front Lit Lettering

Channel Letter Raceway Installation DFW

Continuing with the example of front lit channel letters, there are typically three choices.

  1. Flush mount. A lot of business owners like the appearance of letters that hug the façade. We use fasteners to connect them to the substrate. However, this setup is only possible if there is a way to locate the wiring and power source behind the wall. If there are ducts that we cannot work around, this mounting setup may not work for you. The same is true in situations where a lease expressly prohibits this type of installation.
  2. Raceway mount. In these cases, we recommend a raceway mount. The raceway is a long, narrow box that contains the light source for the lettering and all the wires. We paint it in the same color as the façade, which creates the optical illusion of having it disappear. Plenty of management companies prefer raceway mounts because they cut down substantially on the number of holes we have to drill in the building’s wall to install the raceway’s back. Finally, we attach the letters to the box’s front.
  3. Panel mount. Sometimes, our clients need a little artistic help with the channel letters. Maybe the colors of the letters and the building’s front are a bit too similar. Then again, maybe the corporate display shows off a geometric shape as part of the name presentation. We can manufacture a panel mount that solves these problems by presenting a color buffer, logo shape, or even just a decorative setup to heighten the visual appeal of these products even more.

Do You Need Channel Letters in the DFW Metropolitan Area?

Call our experts before you make a decision. We work with you to figure out the right display location, height, and mounting solutions that will uniquely serve your setting. When you are ready to catch the attention of passersby like never before, you cannot go wrong with front lit channel letters. Call our experts today!