Visiting Angels Assistance Center Welcomes with New Lobby Sign!

Visiting Angels Assistance Center Welcomes with New Lobby Sign!

We always talk about branding and marketing when discussing lobby signs. Fort Worth business community members also know that there is a third aspect of an effective customized office sign – in certain niches: an emotional response. Yes, it is true. Some reception area markers extend their branding capabilities to elicit a strong emotion from those who visit the office of the company.

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Case in point is Visiting Angels. Located at 1120 South Freeway, this living assistance services provider takes private duty care services seriously and also specializes in working with Alzheimer’s patients. When it came time to add a lobby sign that would brand, market and be an integral part of helping put patients and family members at ease, the company contacted Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

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We created a marker that used the subtle hues of the company’s logo and business name, which website visitors were already familiar with. The colors are friendly, warm and delicate. In addition, the dissimilar fonts and the details of the logo work together beautifully to create a sign that easily becomes a piece of artwork on the focal wall. When consumers stop by the offices of Visiting Angels, this sign has a distinctly calming effect even as it generates name recognition and brands the business. It is this combination of effects that truly underscores the importance of putting the right type of signage into your foyer. Not every type of marker will do well in every type of setting.

Choosing the right materials, designs and colors does not have to be a difficult task.

Work on the Message First

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What are you trying to communicate? For a law firm, you want to put clients at ease while inspiring unease in opposing parties. In short, you need to highlight your unmistakable professionalism. This is where a minimalist design works best. For the software engineering firm, the emphasis needs to be on the cutting-edge expertise that this outfit brings to the table. A minimalist approach here is not as effective as one that combines artistic expressions with avant-garde materials.

Remember Your Online Presence

Your website is a major marketing tool for your business. Your reception area signage should not be dramatically different from the name and logo display that online visitors see there. While you can play around with the colors a little bit, it is best to keep it as close to the website display as possible.

Adapt Your Brochures to Match the Lobby Sign

Printers usually do excellent work. It is possible that one printer has equipment that makes your logo appear darker than it really is. This can be a quirk of the software the professional uses. Whenever possible, ensure that your printed brochure and other handouts mimic the look of your office sign. Do not attempt to make your office sign imitate the colors of the brochure. When the printer buys new equipment, your brochures will look different.

If this sounds like a confusing mix of warnings and suggestions, do not fret. Talk to our knowledgeable lobby sign experts for more information on available materials, manufacturing options and display suggestions.