Types of Custom Office Signs You’ll Need in Fort Worth

Types of Custom Office Signs You’ll Need in Fort Worth

Custom office signs Fort Worth TXIs your reception area marker truly representing your business? At Cowtown Graphics & Signs, we occasionally get asked what custom office signs for Fort Worth area businesses would be suitable for a variety of commercial niches that they are in. Although there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, there are some trends that we have seen.

Decorative Signs

Interior designers tell us that more and more or their financial services, oil & gas as well as software design clients are looking to incorporate a lobby sign into a decorative setting. Rather than having these markers stand out or be placed above the receptionist’s desk, these folks like to make a great first impression by having them be a part of the décor that clients notice as soon as they walk into the suite. Sometimes, this is done by incorporating the marker in an elaborate lighting setup where plenty of shadow play creates a wow effect. At other times, these markers are used to become a focal counterpoint to a wall color. Material choices vary, although financial sector companies still prefer metal while software start-ups look to acrylics.

Expressions of Professionalism

Our work with physicians, attorneys and accountants has proven to us that these types of businesses prefer a professional – sometimes almost minimalist – approach to their custom office signs. In these cases, the signs highlight the names of the principals and perhaps incorporate the logo. There is little else. Clear acrylic panels with overlays are a common sight. The same is true for metal laminate on foam substrate.


Logo Creations

Logo lobby office signs Fort WorthNew start-ups in particular like the idea of focusing their signage on a well-designed logo. While the typeface plays a somewhat secondary role, these signs are usually centered on the larger logo. To make this look pop, entrepreneurs request that we use metal laminate or acrylic, which is light enough that we can mount it directly to the wall with some silicone gel. Properly spaced in a reception area, this is the kind of lobby sign that gets noticed and enhances name recognition and branding.

Atmosphere Creators

These are the kinds of lobby markers that actively participate in the creation of an atmosphere. You will notice them quite often in spas, upscale beauty salons, cosmetic surgery centers and architects’ offices. These business professionals like to step away from the tried and true material options and instead have us combine raw materials that are rarely seen in standard signage making. Examples include quarried stone, lumber, fabrics and glass. Specialized custom signs are unique, immediately draw the attention of the eye and help set the stage for the experience that the clients will have at these venues.

WalWall mural office signs Fort WorthPicture-Perfect Creations

Artistic companies oftentimes hire us to design, print and install wall murals. A new trend is to now include the reception sign in the mural itself. It can become part of the artwork or uses the mural backdrop as a frame.

As you can see, there are virtually no limits to the creativity of our customers and sign makers. What would you like your office sign to say about you? Talk to our friendly signage experts to get you the look that you want.