The Sisemore Law Firm Shines Brightly with a Refurbished Pole Cabinet Sign in Fort Worth TX

The Sisemore Law Firm Shines Brightly with a Refurbished Pole Cabinet Sign in Fort Worth TX

Clients find the Sisemore Law Firm at 603 East Belknap Street in Suite 100. These professionals handle, among other issues, divorce cases, custody disputes, and adoptions. But the firm had a problem: a failing pole sign that featured old fluorescent bulbs, which did not communicate the business’ brand message. At this point, the management team contacted our sign experts to discuss an overhaul of the pole cabinet sign in Fort Worth, TX.

A Full LED Conversion Results in Eye-Catching Chic

Refurbished Pole Cabinet Signs | Fort Worth TX

After consulting with the client, we visited the location to take stock of the signage. The overall makeup of the pole and its cabinet was in good condition. We suggested to the client that a refurbishing rather than a replacement could result in significant savings.

With the client’s approval, we took down the deteriorating cabinet and made some repairs. We installed flex facings that allow the light to shine through and present a contemporary look. On the inside, we conducted a full LED conversion, which allowed us to get rid of the outdated neon bulbs that break quickly and cost a lot to operate. Finally, we repainted the structure.

Cabinet Sign Refurbishing in Fort Worth TX

A look at the sign before the refurbish

In the past, the old sign looked faded and did little to catch the eye. Now, the crisp black color of the pole and cabinet contrasts perfectly with the typeface. We put together a look that includes the name and logo display that prospective clients will have seen on the law firm’s website. After dark, the sign shines brightly and identifies the location of the office. It presents the contact information in large numerals to make it easy for a consumer to take down the information.

Pole Cabinets Have a Significant Impact on a Business’ Exterior Advertising

Refurbishing cabinet pole signs Fort Worth TX

The new sign makes a huge difference!

The pole cabinet is a vital component of your brand message.

Highly visible

For many businesses, the pole cabinet takes the place of the monument sign. It signals to drivers to change lanes safely well in advance of arriving at the parking lot’s entry. For the shopper who is looking for your particular location, it is a wayfinding tool. For the consumer considering a purchase of products or services that you offer, your pole sign becomes an invitation for an impulse stop.

Above competitors’ signage

Poles stand out – quite literally. If surrounding competitors advertise with monument signs and flags, you can overshadow their messages with the taller marker. Doing so helps you to stand out but also provides you with a certain amount of credibility in the eyes of consumers. After all, a business that invests in this type of sign has to be a firm believer in its brand and committed to corporate longevity.

Opportunities for informational displays

The advantages of pole-mounted lightbox cabinets do not end with their ease of visibility. There is also the opportunity to show off some of what makes you different from competitors. Whether it is a menu of services, professional affiliations, or the names of experts on staff, the sign lets you display the information.

Refurbish vs. Replace

Do you have a pole cabinet sign in Fort Worth, TX, that does not look so good any longer? Do not automatically assume that you have to replace it. In many cases, our experts can refurbish it and save you money in the process. Of course, if the sign does not meet the standards for an overhaul, we tell you honestly right up front.

At that point, you might choose to replace it with a similar product or opt for a different signage setup altogether. Find out what your options are today by discussing your questions with our business sign pros!