The Importance of Lobby Directory Signs

The Importance of Lobby Directory Signs

building directory signs Fort WorthDo you manage a rather large company that takes up an entire building? Do you run an office building? Do you want to lose customers or tenants? Probably not, but the easiest way to lose these folks who are vital to your bottom line is to frustrate them. Do you know the easiest way to frustrate a consumer who sets foot into your building for the first time? Easy! Do not have any lobby directory signs that assist with wayfinding.

Nothing frustrates a consumer more than not knowing where to go when arriving for the first time. Moreover, this feeling of frustration is amplified when the failure to find the right office right away leads to the need for having to reschedule an appointment. There is a good chance that this consumer is not coming back. In the case of the office building, your tenant might simply move out because they are getting too many complaints. Rectifying this problem does not have to be difficult.

There is a wide variety of building directory signs for Fort Worth office buildings and office complexes.

Wall-Hung Directories

These directories are placed in the foyer, where they are near the elevators and stairs. Opt for two, three or even four-column directories. Sort the offices by suite numbers, by alphabetical order or by name of the primary service provider. In buildings where the management is actively working to remove any chance for confusion, all three types of directory sortings are displayed. Order directories that are big enough to account for all of your suites; it is better to have some blank space than to have information displayed too close to other data.


Lobby directory signs Fort WorthThese displays are excellent when there are fewer tenants or offices in the building. Use them as stand-alone signage solutions or to support the presence of wall-hung markers. Since they are movable, pylons work great when you experience temporary elevator outages that cause you to reroute visitors o the stairs or if you anticipate a large number of visitors and want to get the information disseminated near the entry doors.

Interactive Panels

When your visitor flow is generally very low, consider the installation of interactive directory panels. They allow consumers to type in a name or business niche to find information displayed on tenants that fit this description.

Indoor/Outdoor Directory Panels

These panels mimic building directory signs but are constructed to withstand the elements. If your building has an atrium that allows access to the exterior or if you are working out of a converted apartment complex that features doors facing a courtyard, this type of marker is a must-have. It offers all the information that the standard directories provide but without the susceptibility to water damage.

When you discuss your lobby directory needs with the friendly folks at Cowtown Graphics & Signs, tell us about your current reception area signage and suite markers. We can adapt the look and feel of these signs to match the markers that you have already put in place. If you do not yet have installed this signage, now is a good time to order these markers as well. By keeping material choices and colors similar, you achieve a harmonious look that draws in visitors and pleases the eye.