New Directory Sign for the Wells Fargo Bank Building in Fort Worth!

New Directory Sign for the Wells Fargo Bank Building in Fort Worth!

You find the Wells Fargo Bank Building at 901 West Rosedale. Managed by Red Oaks Realty, the company decided it needed updated office building directory signs for Fort Worth. Since we had previously worked with a large business association in the area, Red Oaks Realty received a referral to contact the signage makers at Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

Designing Signage with the Neighborhood in Mind

Directory Signs Fort Worth

Since the Wells Fargo building is part of Fort Worth’s Hospital District, we discussed the design and manufacture of signage that would be in keeping with the location. The directory now features a black frame and metal panels. Slightly curved, it provides a visually pleasing design that is easy on the eye and capitalizes on the lobby’s ambient lighting. Black lettering identifies the address, the suite numbers and the occupants of the suites. This marker product looks elegant mounted on the blond wood covering the wall.

Directory Options

The look of directories has evolved. What in the past was little more than a framed sign with changeable letter options is now an integral portion of the lobby’s interior décor. For example, did you know that in parking garage settings, more and more businesses opt for bold wall murals on the elevator walls that incorporate large-scale lettering to identify the location as well as the most popular destinations?

Another option is the use of curved directory signs with metal style components, as Red Oaks Realty chose for the Wells Fargo location, which highlight the professional atmosphere of the building. Brushed aluminum and similar metals are excellent selections for any type of office building since this material works well with virtually all paint selections. A newer product option is the installation of the lobby pylon. In this setup, directory information is displayed on two, three or four sides – depending on the design of the pylon. It makes the information highly visible from all directions and adds a distinctive 3D quality to the lobby floor.

Selecting the Display Option that Works for You

Building directory signs for property managers in Fort Worth must embrace the atmosphere of the building. At the same time, they reflect on the management company’s vision for a modern design that suits the consumer of today – and of tomorrow. Our graphic artists routinely work with these professionals to design signage that meets aesthetic and functional needs.

We visit the location where you intend to have the signage installed, take measurements and make notes about the interior décor that you have chosen for the lobby. Next, we show you materials that would fit in perfectly with your desired decorative touches. This is also the time when we discuss the appropriate size to ensure easy visibility that does not overpower the dimensions of the area where we will mount the finished product.

If you are considering the installation of additional suite signs and similar markers, we recommend working backwards from the directory design to ensure a perfect fit of the style elements. Contact us today to discuss your vision of the ideal directory sign for the building you manage.