The Fabulous Flexible Cabinet Sign

The Fabulous Flexible Cabinet Sign

Do you need to use graphics to make a splash in a new market? Do you want to make drivers slow down to take a second look at your familiar location?  Then you can’t go wrong with the high visibility and branding impact of a new cabinet sign.

Cabinet signs, also known as wall or box signs, are among the most flexible and affordable products in the graphics industry. A cabinet sign can give your building a striking new look or can anchor your campus as the centerpiece of an impressive monument display.

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A cabinet sign can raise your logo and lettering high up, where potential customers can see it…and a cabinet sign can illuminate your message to make 24-hour selling impressions with your logo, name, tag line, and other elements of your company brand.

Cabinet signs can accommodate complex designs, but they are sturdy enough to withstand Fort Worth’s hot sun and hard weather for many years. What’s more, a cabinet sign can give you plenty of bang for your buck, however large or small your sign budget may be.

These are just some of the reasons why cabinet signs are the first choice of so many restaurants, hotels, merchants, and professional offices. Cabinet signs are economical enough for small businesses  – and effective enough for Fortune 500 companies.

The typical cabinet sign starts with a frame made of extruded aluminum, although cabinet signs are also available in plastic and other materials, making them suitable for a wide range of designs and budgets.

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Standard cabinet signs use letters with enough depth to make a substantial display and to house the wiring and LED lights necessary to illuminate the sign for maximum visibility at night.

A typical wall-mounted cabinet sign uses single-side lighting because the messaging is only facing in one direction. However, a pole, marquee, or monument installation may employ two-sided lighting, because the elevated sign can be seen from many directions.

In addition to their formed shapes, each letter on a cabinet sign also has a face, which can be chosen by the designer to highlight the letters and project the message. The faces can be opaque or translucent, made of acrylic plastic, textured metal, or cut vinyl, and these materials can be combined with routing, printing, or painting techniques for more striking visual effects.

A standard cabinet sign may also include supporting frame members to enable a sturdy wall installation or for mounting on a pole. Cabinet signs are often used within the overall layout for a monument sign.

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Almost any design combination of shape, logo, lettering, and lighting can be rendered as a cabinet sign. The sign company can cut shapes into metal or plastic with a router, adding digitally printed lettering and colors as required by the client’s branding.  

Bring your visual communication goals to Cowtown Graphics & Signs. We’ll help you design a beautiful cabinet sign that will put your location on the map in Fort Worth. For a free estimate, visit us online at …or to talk with one of our expert advisors, call 817-446-6000.