TDDC Continuum Clinic Illuminated with Channel Letters in North Texas

TDDC Continuum Clinic Illuminated with Channel Letters in North Texas

Channel Letters North Texas

Texas Digestive Disease Consultants (TDDC) has a stellar reputation for superior patient care in North Texas. Operating more than 20 locations in the area, the business just recently opened the Continuum Clinic at 9509 North Beach Street in Fort Worth. At this venue, caring physicians serve pediatric as well as adult patients. While the construction of the 24,000-square-foot clinic was underway, the management team contacted our experts to discuss the design and installation of exterior illuminated signage.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing Channel Letters for Healthcare Centers in North Texas

Channel Letters for Healthcare Centers in North Texas

After consulting with our client, we put together designs for four channel letter signs as well as two combination markers that feature channel letters and push-through, acrylic illuminated components. We set up the signage for a backlit presentation, which simply means that the light escapes through the backs of the letters, reflects off the wall, and bathes each element in a halo of illumination. To heighten the brand expression of the appearance, we used light green LEDs for some of the channel letters, which presents an element of the company’s corporate color palette.

Putting Together an Interior Signage Suite

Lobby Signs for Healthcare Centers in North Texas

3D Letter Lobby Signs in North Texas

Our client loved the way the exterior of the building looks during the day as well as after dark. Because we expertly encapsulated the brand message of the clinic with the channel letters, the management team also entrusted us with the design and production of four lobby signs for the interior, all the wayfinding signage as well as the required ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) markers. Since we ensured the presentation of perfect color matches, the creation of a sign family resulted in an overall cohesive appearance that looks great, brands perfectly, and provides the type of ambiance that makes the clinic stand out.

How to Use Illumination to Your Advantage with Building Signage

Illuminated Building Letters in North Texas

The combination of white and green LEDs is an excellent example of adding a secondary branding component to a channel letter setup. Although the colors of the letters already communicate the branding, the use of colorful lights underscores the message. Channel letters, in general, are excellent options when you intend to catch the eyes of consumers with your signage’s illumination. For this reason, business owners like to use them on the fronts of their buildings but also on monument signs that greet motorists. Displaying more than one set of channel letters is also getting popular now that large buildings feature multiple entrances and parking lots on the different sides of the facilities.

Channel Letters for Medical Centers in North Texas

Backlit letters, which allow the light to create the halo effect, add an air of professionalism and elegance to the presentation. Businesses that prefer a bold color appearance typically select the front-lit version of the design. When the LEDs turn on after dark, they brighten the colorful polycarbonate, which makes up the channel letters’ fronts. The result is an attention-getting display of bold tones, which quickly brand a business. Some clients like both looks and opt for a combination setup. In these

situations, we like to install additional LEDs to ensure that you truly get the best of both worlds without sacrificing brightness.

Buying Channel Letters in North Texas

Best Commercial Sign Company for Channel Letters in North Texas

Are you outfitting a new facility, office building, or storefront? We can help you think through your exterior signage needs. With channel letters, in particular, you have so many branding options that they are the most popular choice for members of the business community. That said, we gladly also show you alternatives such as unlit dimensional letters and lightbox cabinets, which do allow for illumination.

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