Stand-Out Exterior Sign Made with Contour Cut Aluminum for TransForce!

Stand-Out Exterior Sign Made with Contour Cut Aluminum for TransForce!

In business since 1991, TransForce is the nationwide expert in transportation industry staffing needs. Working with commercial truck drivers to fill open positions with motor carriers, the company follows the highest standards when recruiting drivers, screening them and ensuring that their best producers are retained. Keeping meticulous records and abiding by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, TransForce has the data to back up their claims of having a low DOT-reportable accident rate. When it came time to add exterior contour cast aluminum signs for Arlington, TX, offices, the company’s management team called in Cowtown Graphics & Signs.

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Building an Exterior Sign That Brands

We discussed the signage need with the management team at. This product would be installed on an exterior brick wall. It had to display the iconic logo as well as the TransForce name and a brief niche description. We used aluminum, which is durable and lightweight. We colored the sign to be an exact replica of the logo seen on the company’s website. We also colored the lettering. By installing the logo and lettering on top of an aluminum backdrop, the sign has an attractive three-dimensional look, which perfectly suits the façade.

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How Are Your Exterior Signs?

When you are in need of exterior signs, Arlington, TX, members of the business community – as well as those in surrounding areas – know to call our professionals. We provide standard and out-of-the-box exterior signage solutions that suit any business niche.

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Channel letters. Channel letters are an exterior signage workhorse. This product is versatile, durable and comes in lit or unlit versions. When your office is located near others that use this signage product, you may be able to stand out more by following suit and also opting for this style.

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Lightbox cabinet. When you want to highlight a professional affiliation, see your name in a customized lit box that has the shape of your logo or simply want some extra space to mention a motto, tagline or certification, this is an excellent sign to select. Have it mounted to your façade or on a pole.

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Dimensional letters. When you like the idea of a dramatic appearance, dimensional letters are the product to consider. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes, they can stand out as much as you would like them to. With the use of illumination, the impact can be dramatic indeed.

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Boards. Of course, you can always take a page from the playbook of TransForce and opt for a contoured aluminum board to which we install the letters and your logo components. This signage product is as artistic as it is functional and also gives you the 3D effect. Lit from above or below with landscape or façade spotlights, this type of product looks great.

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We are also the commercial sign company Arlington, TX, business owners call when they hope to find a more exotic material for their products. Examples include specialty lumber, marble and even glass. Since these materials require specialty mounts and manufacturing techniques, we work very closely with you to ensure that we get the look you envision just right.